Hello again to everyone here at Some1sPC, and welcome back for another article by yours truly. In preparation for the 2019 Knoxville Regional Pokemon Championships, I have gone through a slew of decks in order to determine the best play. My deck decision is constantly in the air, as the meta for each individual tournament shifts with each passing day. Therefore, I’m releasing this article as close to the tournament as I can.


Europe hosted the first Regional tournament post-World Championships, and we saw Gardevoir & Sylveon Tag Team GX take a big win. Gardeon lost only to Reshiram & Charizard GX decks the entirety of the tournament. 


During this period of time, there was also an upsurge of Malamar decks seeing play across the country after Grant Manley released his cup-winning list featuring Latios GX. Soon thereafter it seemed that Malamar was the deck to beat. I even piloted the deck for a stint, taking it to a top-eight finish at a league cup. However, with its climb into the spotlight, players soon began to favor deck builds that could oust Malamar, making it no longer a sleeper hit. All the while, Reshiram and Charizard GX decks and Mewtwo and Mew GX decks kept their spot in the top tier of competitive Pokemon TCG.

Following this solidification of the meta, I started to be drawn toward Blacephalon GX, as the deck could easily create a favorable prize exchange with tag team decks because it can put up similar damage output. After taking a sub-par list to another league cup top eight placement. I decided to focus my energy on refining the deck. I quickly found that the Ultra Conversion ability is very underrated, and I often found Nagandel GX could be a powerful tool as both a support card and an attacker due to the versatility of Venom Shot. I also realized how good Welder was in comparison to any other supporter in the deck, and came up with this somewhat different style of the build. Here’s my current list for the deck:

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