Hello again, Some1sPC. After a brief few days, I am back again with another article, focused on a deck I have put countless hours into in preparation for the Madison Regional Championships: Naganadel/Quagsire. For those of you who're tired of reading into all the Nag/Quag lore, rest assured. I feel like my list, outlook, and insights on the deck are very unique and worth your time. That being said, let's get right to it.


Firstly, why Nag/Quag? Like many others, the initial superiority of Fire decks, projected long before Unbroken Bonds had even released, focused my sights on the obvious counter and only current viable Water-based deck: Naganadel/Quagsire. The inherent type advantage and favored prize trade made Nag/Quag an immediate champion in the face of Reshiram & Charizard-GX, Blacephalon-GX, baby Blacephalon, and any other Fire type deck that could grace the format. Many Nag/Quag decks have seen some moderate success from multiple Day 2s in Santa Clara, CA and Sao Paulo, Brazil; as well as many Top 8 Cup finishes in the past few weekends. However, the general consensus is that the deck is too inconsistent and only strong against Fire type decks. I've since sought to make a better version of the deck and have reached a product that I feel is very powerful, which I will be piloting at the upcoming Madison Regional Championships.

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