Hey, readers. Lost Thunder has had an immediate and heavy impact on the format, and I think this set has been one best ones in a while. I would go as far as to compare its impact to that of Guardians Rising and Phantom Forces. This 200-plus card set released so many good cards for the format. We saw Zoro Control win Brazil, then Gardevoir win Roanoke Regionals the following week. From observing the trend, the Gardevoir deck was meant to combat Zoro Control variants from the previous tournament. Now we have to see how the meta can keep evolving as we move forward.

III. Swampert/Meganium/Greninja GX
V.Archie’s Blastoise

For the first part of this article, I'm going to talk about Magnezone. I think it can be strong in the current Meta due to its Metal typing and, after testing the deck this past week, I've found that there are many ways to build it. It has gained strong new cards in Dialga, Zebstrika, and Alolan Ninetales GX which significantly improved Stage 2 decks in general.

I think the main selling point for this deck right now is that the format appears to be shifting towards a heavy GX-focused format where this deck is well-equipped to trade KO for KO with Dialga and Dusk Mane Necrozma GX.




Card Explanation

1 Dialga GX

This card is great in the deck because of Timeless GX. Skipping turns against single-prized focused decks and even one-shotting certain GXs is very powerful. Alolan Ninetales GX and Gardevoir GX are very popular currently, and with weakness, Timeless GX can just swing the game if you knock those out. Shred is a decent attack that can knockout low HP Pokemon as well as Granbull. Overclock is a solid attack because drawing cards will help you set up.

3 Duskmane Necrozma GX

The main powerhouse of the deck. It’s funny how hitting for 220 damage isn’t always enough since there are 240 and 250 HP Pokemon in the game. Thankfully, 220 is still going to knockout most GXs, and where it’s not enough, the GX attack is great to reach those high-HP numbers without the need for a Choice Band or Beast Energy for the knockout.

1 Dialga LOT

This deck needs a one prize attacker to deal with one-prized based decks such as Lost March and Granbull. Turn Back Time should knockout a lot of popular Pokemon for one prize. You knockout Zoroark GX and most Stage 2 GXs that evolved via Rare Candy. Power Blast is also a solid attack, hitting 130 to knockout those high HP one-prized Pokemon such as Giratina, Oranguru, Deoxys, etc. Overall, this is just a solid card to have in the deck because of its usefulness as one prized attacker.

3-0-3 Magnezone

This is a thin line but it’s all you need. This deck runs four Nest Ball so you don’t really need four Magnemites. Magneton is too slow to run in this deck because you can’t really afford a turn to evolve Magnemite twice.

1 Ditto Prism 1-1/ Alolan Ninetales GX/ 1-1 Zebstrika/ 1 Ribombee

This where the deck gets a little whacky. Lost Thunder added a lot of consistency from Alolan Ninetales GX and Zebstrika, and these cards are great in this deck for that reason. We see Alolan Ninetales GX in decks like Gardevoir/Swampert and Decidueye/Zoroark to help set up their Stage 2s. The same can be applied to this deck, since getting Rare Candy for Magnezone is essential for setting up.

Zebstrika is great draw power for a deck that lacks it outside of draw Supporters. This guy pretty much helps the deck keep going, allowing you to dig for any missing pieces to your combos.

Ribombee is great when you need Metal Energy in a pinch. Sometimes it is the best option to evolve from your Ditto Prism to ensure that you consistently find a lot of energy.

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