Hey everyone, it has been extremely exciting to see a lot of people qualifying for Worlds at League Cups these last couple weeks and watching the Top 16 race from the outside. Unfortunately, it has not been very exciting for decks, however. I personally love this format and have a lot of fun with it but I do not think that there is much room for rogue decks right now. This is a little unfortunate, but there are a couple of decks that stand a chance in a Meta that is so centralized around three decks and I will talk about one of them in this article. I played in three League Cups over the last two weeks and won two of them and got Top 4 in the other one after scooping to go home early, after splitting prizes. The first Cup that I won I played Ultra Necrozma Malamar after a local friend of mine showed me a list that I really enjoyed the look of. I decided to play his list, give or take a couple cards and ended up dominating the tournament. This opened my eyes to how good Ultra Necrozma GX actually is. I played against two Buzzwole, two Greninja, two mirror matches and a Zygarde/Lycanroc deck in that tournament.

The next week I had two League Cups one was a BO1 and the one was a BO3. I will start with the one BO1 Cup; I decided to once again play a Meta deck but with a spicy little spin on it. I played Zoroark/Lycanroc/Lucario. I took a basic Lycanroc list and decided that Lucario would be a pretty good option to help deal with Buzzwole at least a little bit. I ended up going completely undefeated in the tournament 5-0 during Swiss rounds and then I 2-0ed in Top 4 and 2-0ed in the finals. I did not play against any Buzzwole and do not know how good that match up is. Malamar variants were extremely easy for me to overcome and so were random rogue decks that people were trying to play in order to beat Buzzwole and Malamar. Something that I think is really important going into Internationals is to make sure that you have a solid attacker that can carry you to victory against random rogue decks. My personal choices for cards like that are; Zoroark, Garb and Buzzwole. These are cards that are going to be able to do damage and for the most part help you no matter what the matchup is. Here is the list that I used on Sunday even though it is not what the article is about.



I am not going to spend too much time on this list because it is not what my article is intended to be on but I thought it was a little bit different than some of the other decks that you might be used to seeing. I also felt that going completely undefeated at a League Cup was worthy of giving you guys a list. I basically played the deck like you would a normal Zoroark/Lycanroc deck but I had the added bonus of being able to hit extremely hard with Lucario for only one Energy. It put on a lot of pressure that my opponent had to handle before they could go after Rockruff or Zoroark. I think that it puts our opponent in a really difficult position of having to choose which Pokémon to knock out between the Riolu or Rockruff. The other advantage that Lucario gives us is in the mirror match, is being able to one shot an opponent’s Zoroark GX with just one Energy attachment instead of the two that Lycanroc normally would need is a huge upside. Cantankerous Beatdown GX is also a very good attack against the mirror because unless they bring up a Mew EX they most likely will not be one shotting us. The other very greedy thing about this list is that I only play the two Brigette. I will talk more about it later in the article when I talk about the other deck but I am just a big fan of having a high count of Brigette in a deck.

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