Hey readers, Kian here to provide updates and insights on preparing for Dallas. At the last expanded Regional I played Zoroark/Garbodor, using a similar list to what Justin Bokhari posted in his last article on Some1s PC. I started strong at 4-0 but then ended 5-3-1. I misplayed my 5th round and lost against two mirrors in the last couple of rounds. I still earned points and I am now pretty close to the invite requirement. The deck I chose to play was fine and I do not regret it at all. Zoroark/Garbodor is a very good deck and should see a decent amount of play at Dallas

I would like to say that expanded is in a rough place right now. I think Zoroark decks are still too powerful. I think going first is still too much of an advantage. The first person to get the Garbotoxin set up, or the first player to get the Red Card/Marshadow + Delinquent has too much control. These are just a few things I’ve always hated about expanded. Ghetsis and Hex were too good turn one, now there's Marshadow + Delinquent. I do hope for some more bans to try and restore some balance. I’ve spoken with others on how TPCI should just get rid of expanded, but I do not think they will since that kills a fair portion of the market. So, my suggestion would be to ban Zoroark-GX and Lusamine. I’d maybe ban Marshadow too since it's pretty ridiculous playing it turn one and winning the game because your opponent drew dead.

For expanded currently, it's all about beating Zoroark variants. Three of the best decks in expanded are Zoroark decks: Zoro/Control, Zoro/Garb and Exodia (Zoroark/hand control). Even with the threat of fighting decks still looming, Zoroark variants still stand tall. I also want to quickly mention that Wailord & Magikarp-GX will be legal for Dallas. This card will definitely see play in Archie’s Blastoise and maybe some other control decks.

I still think a well-made fighting deck is the best way to counter Zoroark. Connor Pedersen made top 8 at Anaheim Regionals with straight Buzzwole. I started with a list very similar to his when I began testing after Anaheim Regionals. Connor is an excellent player and I am not surprised he was one of the only Buzzwole players to do well at this event.

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