What is going on, Some1spc readers? It’s Israel, back with another article. It's been a while since my last article, but today I will be catching you up on my recent performance and how it can be still impactful for Dallas. So before I talk about the homie, Lucario, let’s go over what I have planned for the article.

I.Anaheim and Cup performance
II.Decklist and card choices



Anaheim and Cup Performance

So the big question is, how did Lucario become my choice for this tournament? A couple of weeks before the event, I was practically set on Lost March as my choice, but I decided to mess around with some fun ideas and eventually got around to testing Lucario. Instead of what I thought would be a mediocre idea became my play for this tournament. The biggest thing that attracted me to this deck was the ZoroGarb matchup; in testing leading up to the big day I didnt drop a single game to it. I felt that the matchup was favorable, and things would have to go wrong for me to lose. Before the tournament, I took it to a League Challenge to get used to playing with the deck with time involved, since the last time I ran Lucario at a Regionals I got into three ties, which prevented me from making it to Day 2. Most of my games in that Challenge I was averaging fifteen-minute games, which is very ideal in best of three rounds (of course it also depends on opponents’ speed, but everyone in this tournament played at a good pace). The night before the tournament, I was trying to decide whether or not to keep either Muscle Band, or add something different. One of the additional options was an Oranguru, but I scratched that out due to speculation that there would be no Zoro Control (I was wrong), and nothing else sounded any better so I ended up keeping the Muscle Band. Now let's go over my Days 1 and 2!

Day 1

R1 ZoroGarb WW

R2 Sceptile Plume WLW

R3 Zoro Exodia WLT

R4 ZoroGarb LWW

R5 Primal Groudon WW

R6 ZoroGarb LWW

R7 Zoro Trev WW

R8 ZoroGarb WW

R9 Zoro Control LL

7-1-1 5th Seed

After one year and four months, I finally made Day 2 of a Regionals, after so many disappointing performances. I finally got through and again have the ability to win a Regionals, though I ended Day 1 on a sour note due to the horrible beating I received in the last round. In theory, I felt the matchup would be easier but it didn’t go as planned. After that round, however, I somewhat developed a better game plan, though I wasn't going to be excited to face it again.

Day 2

R10 Zoro Control WW

R11 Zoro Exodia WW

R12 ZoroGarb LWL

R13 Buzzwole LWL

R14 Zoro Control WW

10-3-1 7th Seed

Top 8

Rayquaza LL

10-4-1 8th Place

I was very pleased with how I finished, finally getting Top 8 after such a rough year. Even though I drew terribly against Rayquaza in both games, I felt as though the deck achieved what it was designed for at this Regionals. I felt that the deck had the edge in most of the matchups due to the surprise factor, with opponent’s not knowing how to approach the matchup. I feel the deck could make an appearance in Dallas as well, but it has to be revised a little more. The following week, I attended a League Cup since I had time and wanted to see if Lucario would still be strong with the meta adjusting to the results. This is what happened:

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