Hello, everyone, this is Franco Takahashi here, and now that Lost Thunder has finally hit the shelves I figured I would share some decks/ideas for you guys to try and mess around with by utilizing some of the new cards. The release of Lost Thunder is especially important since we have a number of major events like Latin America International Championships, several Regionals and even League Cups taking place within the format until SM9 drops. Hopefully, this article can help inspire you all to find something new or different to try with the cool new cards we have. So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

Rayquaza GX/Zeraora GX

Now I’m sure many of you guys are very familiar with Vikavolt/Rayquaza-GX as a deck; however, with the release of Lost Thunder Rayquaza-GX now has a few more variations, partnering up with cards like Zeraora-GX and Shuckle.  The synergy is very simple: use Shuckle’s ability Freshly Squeezed to compress your deck by tossing energies into the discard pile and then use Zeraora-GX’s Full Voltage GX attack to setup your Rayquaza-GX and potentially itself so it can attack on the following turn. I think the main difference between Rayquaza-GX/Zeraora-GX and Rayquaza-GX/Vikavolt is that the former has the ability to deal a higher amount of damage quicker most of the time thanks to Zeraora’s GX attack. The one thing Vikavolt does better than Zeraora-GX is recovery since its ability Strong Charge provides acceleration without having to attack and allows you to manage your energy attachment slightly easier in the long game. Partner this with Energy Recycler and Vikavolt has one of the best ways to recover energy in the game. Regardless of this, the Rayquaza-GX/Zeraora-GX deck can still be scary due to how quickly it can setup. Anyway, here’s a deck list that you guys can feel free to try out:

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