Hey Some1spc Readers, it’s Israel back again with another article. This article should be up before Portland Regionals and help you out before the deck deadline if you’re lost in deck choice. It’s been awhile since my last article and honestly, it’s been a good couple weeks since I last played in a tournament. I’ve been busy with work, school, and a wedding I had to attend which why I missed Charlotte last weekend. However today, I have a couple of decklists for everyone but will go into detail with the list I’ve been testing with for the last couple days. And trust me, it’s not Yveltal or Silvally it’s a whole new deck! So let’s go over what I will be talking about today:

I.Louis/Costa Mesa Regionals quick recap

II.The history of me and Lucario decks

III.Lucario Zoroark

IV.Lucario Garb(the list I’ve been testing recently)



Regionals Recap

As for those that know, I’ve been debating on rather I should go for Top 16 or not this year and it’s been a back and forth type of thing for me. I decided to go to St. Louis Regionals to see if I can make a breakout and catch-up to Top 16 since I was sitting under Top 25. This is how it went for me in matchups:

(Yveltal Garb)

R1 Empoleon WLW

R2 Passisian WW

R3 Weavile Zoroark LWW

R4 Lycanroc Zoroark LL

R5 Empoleon Zoroark WW

R6 Ho-Oh Kiawe LWL

R7 Zoroark Gardy WLT

R8 Golispod Zoroark WW

R9 Glaceon WLW


6-2-1 Top 128 530/400

I got some points off of St. Louis but not enough to where it dictated whether I chill with my invite or keep pushing but the next Regional was close to home so I would make the outcome of that a good indication on the rest of my season. I tested for a decent amount to where I felt comfortable to play same 60 I played at Dallas. This is how it went

(Gucci Gang)

R1 Buzzwole Garb WW

R2 Toad Seviper WW

R3 Lycanroc Zoroark LL

R4 Greninja LWT

R5 Gyarados WW

R6 Buzzwole Garb LWT

R7 Toad Zoroark LWL

R8 Didn't know he scooped before we played W?

R9 LonZoroark LL


4-3-2 no points 530/400

This was probably one of the most frustrating Regionals I’ve ever participated in. The venue was amazing and the event was running smooth but I had so much bad luck. It took me a couple of minutes to calm down after my last loss but going back through all my rounds, the games where I lost I drew horrendously bad or I whiffed one of the pieces multiple turns. The tie to Greninja was a win in my book but game 1 could have been a win if I didn't whiff DCE. The second tie I was 10 dmg short to get my last prize and ended up tying. Same thing on that one, I whiffed DCE in game 1. That's part of the game, sometimes you might be the most prepared but if the cards go South, there's so much you can do. Enough negativity, I moved on from these two and really tested for this upcoming event and hopefully, it's the turnaround I’ve been looking for.

The History of Me and Lucario

Lucario is one of my favorite Pokémon of all time and when I first started playing back in late 2008, the first deck I played at a cities was Lucario Lv X deck. I didn't win my first actual game until the 2nd cities I played at. I would mix it with different kinds of Pokémon trying to achieve my biggest goal that season of having a winning record for one tournament with Lucario. Now I didn't achieve that in the first season but I learned a lot about deck building and understanding what works and what doesn't. I only got one winning record in the 2nd season, with another deck but always tried to make the deck work. Eventually down the line I started to get the hang of it and started winning Regionals, but hit a brick wall during testing for Worlds at Boston. I was trying to make Yveltal work for that Meta but I was getting destroyed by the top decks. Eventually one night Kenny and Kristy confronted me and told me to try something new and try to do well at this Worlds. I promised them I would, so I started looking at new ideas. I was going to try Virizion Genesect since it was similar to Yveltal but made a Landy Bats deck since it was also straightforward. For 2 weeks I played every matchup and every little tech that I could to fully understand Landy Bats. So for that Worlds, I played 2 Lucario for the Manetric matchup and the deck got me through Day 1 and a decent finish for Day 2. I got into the main event with Lucario and finally achieved that goal of a winning record with Lucario…...5 years later. Recently there has not been a good Lucario but once they introduced the new Lucario-GX, I knew I might get that itch again. Before I introduce any lists, let's talk about the card for those who don't know what it does.


HP 210 Retreat 2

Aura Strike 30+  F

If this Pokémon evolved from Riolu during this turn, this attack does 90 more damage.

It’s essentially Golispod-GX but the attack has pros and cons opposed to Golispod. The pros, you don’t have to be on the bench first to get the extra damage boost. It also can be paired with Strong Energy so that a Strong and a Choice Band will do 170 which is a knocking out Tapu Lele. The cons, if you whiff the turn to attack and evolved, then you don’t get the attack boost. Also, it’s a one-time use and not multiple like Golispod-GX.

Cyclone Kick 130 FFC

Usually, you will never get to this point, but if you do get to this point, with Strong, Strong, and Choice Band you’re doing a nice 200. This is knocking out most things but not all GX Pokémon. This is not really a strong attack and would dissuade people to try to reach this point unless you play an Energy accelerator or if Lucario is just sitting in the active.

Cantankerous Beatdown GX 30x CC

This attack does 30 damages for each damage counter on this Pokémon.

The name of the attack is not hyped for me. The attack itself, oh yea! This is Tauros in Fighting form. This attack is what gives Lucario GX the edge of being a ridiculous attacker. If you’re hit hard enough then you’re taking 2 free prizes. If you’re going to hit Lucario, hit it for small damage or one shot the thing. Also, you need 2 Energies to use it which is not that hard to do but in most of my testing they hit around the Lucario or don’t hit it at all.

This card has a lot of potential and a lot of hype coming into Portland and it may be the one to destroy the Zoroark regime. Since we’ve got through the attacks and what Lucario does, let’s push towards some lists and we’ll go more in-depth on a variant that I’ve been testing.

Lucario Zoroark

While I was making this article, Jack Old made an article about this variant so I will talk about the list he provided and add some recommended cards to avoid confusion about anything for the work he’s done. So again, this is not my list, just adding recommended cards. Let’s see Jacks list:


Zoroark GX/Lucario GX

Pokemon (18)

  • 4 Zorua
  • 4 Zorark GX
  • 1 Tapu Koko
  • 3 Riolu
  • 2 Lucario gX
  • 1 Mew EX
  • 3 Tapu Lele GX

Trainers (35)

  • 4 N
  • 4 Brigette
  • 3 Guzma
  • 3 Acerola
  • 2 Cynthia
  • 4 Puzzle Of Time
  • 4 Ultra Ball
  • 3 Field Blower
  • 3 Choice Band
  • 2 Evosoda
  • 1 Enhanced hammer
  • 1 Rescue Stretcher
  • 1 Parallel City

Energy (7)

  • 4 Double Colorless Energy
  • 3 Strong Energy

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