Hey guys! Chris Taporco here, back again with another article. This time around I take it easy on the puns and tackle a deck that has interested me since Wobbuffet became splashed in nearly every deck: Primal Groudon. I’ve normally stayed away from this deck because I always felt like it was too slow, but I felt drawn to it since I really wanted to run something with a heavy Wobbuffet line, while also be able to take OHKOs on most Pokémon in the meta (this deck offered both of those things :) ). And so, with Russ’ assistance, I began my journey to awaken a dormant deck in Standard and erupt on to the scene with Primal Groudon.

Table of Contents

I.The Basic Strategy
II.The Decklist
III.Other Cards Considered

The Basic Strategy

The first rule of Primal Groudon is to start Wobbuffet. The second rule of Primal Groudon is to always start Wobbuffet. Yes, starting Wobbuffet is extremely crucial to our success. If we don’t start it, then we must hope that we don’t get turn one item locked so that we can find a way to search out a Wobbuffet and retreat the active Groudon EX. However, once we do put Wobbuffet into the active position, we will be able to start setting up our first Primal Groudon.

There is always a feeling of nervousness when I bench my first Groudon EX. With such heavy retreat, I feel extremely vulnerable benching it and I just pray that the opponent doesn’t have a Lysandre before I’m able to Mega Evolve; however, once I Mega Evolve Omega Barrier keeps me protected from almost all forms of energy denial in Trainer form. Overall, your first turn should consist of an energy attachment on to Groudon EX, followed by a hard pass. There’s not much else you need to do here until you build up enough energy to start attacking with Primal Groudon. Your second turn will ideally consist of another energy attachment, followed by a form of energy denial, then a Mega Evolution that will end your turn. From here you simply wait for a Lysandre, or Escape Rope plus a Stadium, and try to attack around your opponent’s single prize Pokémon.

Sounds simple right? Well it definitely can be, but some turns can get really tricky when we need to progress our board state further while hindering our opponent’s. Since we don’t run any links, we’re a tied down by the fact that our turn will end once we Mega Evolve. So the ultimate question comes down to when do I start making my second Primal Groudon? This will involve determining game state and progression of our opponent’s board. We need to be able to identify OHKO threats on their side of the board and choose carefully when to go on the offensive. For now I want to go over one of my favorite times to start building a second Primal Groudon:

I like to wait until I’m about to take a KO with the first Primal Groudon I built. I have identified a position where I know my opponent can’t take a KO on my Primal Groudon so I decide it’s time to go on the offensive. I proceed to attach a Float Stone to it after promoting, then ideally Mega turbo a forth energy onto it. I then bench another Groudon EX and manually attach an energy and end my turn by taking a KO on opponent’s Pokémon. Primal Groudon then takes a hit and I follow up by retreating back into a Wobbuffet, attaching an energy to Groudon EX, then Mega Evolving into Primal Groudon. I know this scenario sounds extremely ideal, but it will happen more often that you think. Since they can’t Lysandre up your already damaged Primal Groudon, you have effectively set yourself up to easily take two more KOs to win the game.

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