What’s up, readers? It’s been awhile since our last Expanded event but it's back, and a lot has changed; with the release of Unified Minds and Unbroken Bonds there is a plethora of new decks to explore and old decks to revive. We saw a bit of Unbroken Bonds Expanded played at the Origins League Cups and the new decks didn't make waves as much as refined old archetypes. Joe Ruettiger made Top 8 at both Cups with Sableye Garbodor that included Morty, along with Grant Manley making Top 8 with Vespiquen, and Joshua Sutherland winning the event with Trevenant. Alex Schemanske and Wes Hollenberg even brought a new archetype to the table in the form of a turbo Spiritomb deck that was in Top 8 of both Cups.


Now with the release of Unified Minds, things really start to get shaken up. Mewtwo & Mew-GX has opened up tons of options in the format with decks based around Mega Pokémon, locking your opponent or winning the game on turn one. Rowlet & Alolan Exeggutor-GX also allows for card like Vileplume to come back into the format because of the ability to get them into play on turn one. Zoroark-GX got some new toys for control such as Reset Stamp, (which will be banned in expanded on November 15th) and Recycle Energy. Espeon & Deoxys-GX has also given Archie’s a huge buff because it can clear small-HP Basic Pokémon like Zorua for only six Energy.


The deck I’m going to be talking about today is the Zoroark Garbodor list I will likely be playing in Richmond. Zoroark Garbodor has been a deck for about a year now, with many versions of the deck existing. This list is very straightforward with some new techs to help handle the Meta. I think, with proper teching, ZoroGarb can be built to beat anything in the format, but not beat everything simultaneously because you simply don't have enough deck space.

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