Hi Some1sPC Readers, I'm back with an update on my old Gardevoir GX article. Over the past few months, we've been experimenting with options on how to update our older articles. Sometimes we posted new decklists and options at the top, some at the bottom, and others we just inserted into the article underneath an older list. We've gotten your feedback and decided the new route to take is just releasing a brand new post that links the older article for needed information should our subscribers not know the entire use of the cards in the list. From here on out we're going to adding Part II or Part III's to our articles and posting any new information we want to write about. Expect these to shorter than other articles, probably between 800-1500 words as we just want to discuss any updates or changes to our old lists without drowning our readers in older information. As always, thanks for your support and enjoy the update!

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