Hello everyone! My name is Nathália Fernandes and today I’m writing my first article for Some1sPC. I started playing Pokémon TCG in 2011 and since then I have had some achievements in the competitive universe. My main achievements have been:

Two times Top 8 Brazilian Nationals (2012 and 2016)

1st Sao Paulo Regional Championship (2017)

Top 16 Belo Horizonte Regionals (2018)

Invited to play Worlds Championship since 2013

I have always enjoyed playing Pokémon TCG, but the part that amazes me the most in this game are the trips and the big tournaments. Getting to know new places, cultures and especially food is my biggest motivation to train hard and play better and better. I am currently enrolled in medical school and it is very difficult to reconcile Pokémon TCG with my studies, but I try to do my best because traveling and playing in big tournaments really makes me happy. To help me prepare for the tournaments, I count on the help of my TCG Pokémon team, the Rangerz, as well as several other friends I made in the game.

Now that I've introduced myself to you, let's talk about what really matters, which is Latin American Internationals (LAIC). The players here in Brazil are extremely excited, the community is crazy and my WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are all talking about the same thing: Latin American Internationals. It is a unique event and Brazilians are very proud to host such a tournament. The best players in the world will arrive in Brazil in a few days and everyone is testing as hard as they can to do a good job and maybe become the next champion.

My goal in today's article is to try to help some players choose their deck. Right now in the final stages of preparation, many players have tested for many hours and with many different decks, however, they cannot decide the proper deck to play for the tournament. This is completely normal, it seems that in this game the more you play, the more you have doubts instead of getting answers. This is because the Metagame is very wide and every deck has good and bad matchups. That's why we're seeing the Metagame spinning in circles rather than a natural progression. For example, the format began with Espeon GX / Garbodor being the Best Deck in Format (BDIF), then Zoropod arrived and ended the reign of EspeonGarb. So we started to see tons of Buzzwole GX / Lycanroc GX, Vikabulu, Duskzone and recently Lucario GX, which are decks with good responses to all of the Zoroark GX's variants. With the growth in play of BuzzRoc and Lucario GX -- both weak to Psychic types -- and Vikabulu and Duskzone with high dependence on Abilities, which deck is the most appropriate to win in this new metagame? Yes, Espeon GX / Garbodor. And then we have a Metagame where we have no safe choices, whatever deck we choose, we'll have good and bad matchups.

With all that said, I decided to bring you a deck that is very popular in Brazil, precisely because it does not suffer as much from the threats of the current Metagame and can compete against much of it.  This deck is Dusk Mane Necrozma GX with Magnezone.

Dusk Mane Necrozma

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