Hey guys, Kian back. As we’re entering the last stretch of the season, we’ll be getting a new set that I think will be very impactful in tournaments before the end of the season. I’ll go over some of Forbidden Light at the end of this article but I mainly want to focus on the current legal formats. I have been testing here and there, pretty much whenever I go on PTCGO I am either playing Buzzwole/Lycanroc in Standard and Zoroark/Exeggcute in Expanded. In my opinion, those are two best decks in each format. I’ll be going over two lists and some tech options. With the games I have logged, I am very confident in these decks.

Another deck that I have been testing is a Glaceon GX/Espeon GX/Garbodor deck. It was originally a Glaceon/Garbodor that my pals Joe Sanchez and Stefan Tabaco ran at Portland Regionals. They adapted the deck with the inclusion of Espeon GX because of the Fighting heavy format. I’m really excited to cover the deck later in this article because it is very unique.

I think the current Standard format is in a good spot right now. There are a lot of viable decks and I find it very fun to play. Zoroark decks are still very good. Buzzwole is still dominating even with the counters to it being popular. Bulu is a prominent deck and I have always loved formats with a lot of variety, not having an overwhelming best deck where the Metagame is centralized around it.

The more I play Expanded, the more I dislike the format. I think Zoroark decks are incredibly overpowered. The concept of abusing Hex over and over makes the game very toxic. I thought we were going to see a ban but TCPI hasn’t decided on anything yet. Maybe they’ll ban something when the next season starts. Another reason may be that Forbidden Light will have an impact. With the absurd amount of support Fighting decks are acquiring, Fighting can give competition to Zoroark in Expanded. Overall, I hope we get some refreshment in Expanded. Playing it has really made me disinterested in the format.


A couple of weeks ago, my friend Stefan Tabaco won a League Cup with this deck. I found the deck to be very intriguing because it played multiple Eeveelutions. This reminded of how older decks from back in the day ran multiple Eeveelutions.

The core of the deck is Glaceon GX. The card has not been significantly played in Standard because this format is not as ability GX/ EX-reliant as Expanded. This version has Garbodor incorporated in it to lock pretty much everything. The deck is also very similar to an Espeon Garbodor deck because of the Psychic attackers and Energy incorporated into this deck.

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