Hello to all Some1sPC readers, this is Franco again! Now that Unbroken Bonds is released and we’re entering into the final quarter of the season, I’m sure many of you guys are looking forward to participating in many of the League Challenges, League Cups, and Regionals, such as Santa Clara and Madison. In this article, I would like to share with you an Ultra Necrozma-GX deck which I personally think is still viable for events like League Challenges and Cups as they are mostly best of 1 tournaments.

I would also like to cover another interesting deck which I think has potential and definitely has a lot of flexibility in its structure and variation, so I figured I would share this with you guys and go over the details. Anyway, let’s get going and begin with the Ultra Necrozma-GX list.

Ultra Necrozma-GX

Ultra Necrozma-GX is a deck that I have been piloting in standard format for almost every event since Team Up was released. Despite the fact the deck didn’t perform well during the Kyoto CL, it is still a popular deck in Japan. Myself and my friends from Japan used it during EUIC however we weren’t able to perform very well with it, mainly due to the fact that the deck wasn’t really suitable in a best of 3 format. One of the reasons is that the deck tends to run a thin line of supporters which means you can encounter a supporter draught or simply whiff some specific card you need to complete your setup in the early phase of the game, resulting in some losses. Another reason is that the deck relies heavily on its set up in order to start applying pressure on your opponent. The time it takes to set up gives your opponent an opportunity to disrupt you and take the win. When this happens, it is difficult to win two games back-to-back, which means there is a decent chance that you’ll end the match with a tier. This is why I think Ultra Necrozma-GX wasn’t really the right deck for a best of 3 tournament. However, the deck is still getting results at several local events in Japan at the moment. Here is the list that I am currently using:

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