What is up, Some1sPC readers? It’s Israel, and I’m back again with another article. It's been a couple months since my last article, but I return with a new one for you guys just before the new set is legal. Before I get to it, let’s go over what I am going to talk about:

  • Testing
  • Granbull List and Card Choices
  • Matchups
  • Conclusion


My last tournament was at Denver Regionals, where I had horrible luck with bad matchups and finished with a 5-3-1 record, which ended my season. It's been a month since I touched cards, but after watching Hartford and Daytona Beach Regionals, I’ve been getting an itch to play again. I won’t be able to travel anymore due to what's going on in my personal life (child on the way), but I decided to test and share what I’ve found to be most successful.


Once I started looking at the new set, I was dying to try some new archetypes like Persian GX and Vikavolt. Persian was the first thing I wanted to test, but after a couple games I’d already found so many flaws with the deck. Initially, I was trying a thick Zebstrika draw engine to get through the heavy Pokémon hands to find Energy to attack. It was good for what it's worth, but it struggled against Lightning and Fire decks. I tried Dewgong, which was ok for what it's worth, chipping down different attackers but I liked a Gyarados line much more for the Fire matchup. That's probably why it failed for me, but after so many whiffs and awful luck with draws, I gave up with the deck altogether.


The next thing on my try list was Vikavolt, and honestly, I liked it so much that it would have had potential were there a more reliable draw engine to remove the inherent inconsistencies of Stage 2 decks. If it hits everything, and Rare Candy come in at the right time, it can beat a lot of decks, especially since you can one-shot practically everything in the format with a Choice Band. But just like with the Persian deck, I gave up due to too many whiffs and unfortunate luck with the deck.


I tried a lot of other things like Gengar swarm, Salazzle mill, and other Fire decks but didn't really like anything. Each of these things had their flaws and nothing really excited me enough to keep going with these options; maybe the Salazzle mill deck had potential but since I’m in the casual mood, I didn't push for it. So I ended up looking at some of the Trainers from the new set and found the card Red’s Challenge, and knew instantly where it belonged.

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