Hello Some1sPC readers! With Collinsville Regionals having come and gone, it is time for us to put the Expanded Format in the rearview mirror and focus once again on the Standard Format. The Standard Format has undergone a major transformation in recent weeks. First, in Anaheim, John Kettler showed us just how strong Decidueye/ Vileplume can be. Then at Sheffield Regionals, and later at the Oceania International Championship, several players piloted similar lists to strong finishes. The recent success of Decidueye/Vileplume has brought with it increased levels of Volcanion and decreased play of Mega Gardevoir. All of this has set the stage for the current Standard Format, which is dominated by Decidueye, Volcanion, and Turbo Darkrai. I think if the Standard Format continues to follow this trend that there is real potential for Mega Mewtwo to capitalize on it.

Mega Mewtwo has the unique ability to act as both a lock deck or a hard hitter depending on what you need it to be during your game. By using Shrine of Memories Mega Mewtwo is able to use Mewtwo EX’s attack Damage Change which allows you to switch the damage counters on your Mega Mewtwo with those on your opponent’s active Pokemon. That attack in conjunction with Garbodor shutting off abilities allows you to shut decks like Volcanion out of games by effectively removing their previous turns attack. You can then follow up the next turn by retreating to a fresh Mega Mewtwo and attacking with Psychic Infinity for the knock out. Conversely, you can always opt for the hyper aggressive route of loading your 210 Hp monster with large amounts of energy and swinging for massive damage with Psychic Infinity. This strategy can prove equally as effective in certain situations.

I know I previously wrote about Mega Mewtwo right after the Dallas Regionals, but I feel like both the Meta and the deck itself have changed so much that it warrants a new article. Not only does Mega Mewtwo have an entirely new look from what it did even as recently as few weeks ago, it also has the ability to be tech’d out to match your specific Meta. Today I want to discuss a list that has even chances against most of the major threats in the Standard Format and then I’ll go over a few ways to tech it to fit a more specific Meta.

Table of Contents

I.Friends of Mewtwo
II.The Standard List
III.Card Counts and Explanations

V.Sizing up the Format

Friends of Mewtwo

Due to the evolution of the Standard Format, Mega Mewtwo has been forced to evolve with it. Before, Mega Mewtwo decks relied exclusively on Mega Mewtwo as its only attacking option. As the Meta has changed, Mega Mewtwo has been forced to add in additional attackers such as:

Espeon GX

Espeon GX has been added into the deck in order to counter other Mega Mewtwo decks. Espeon GX boasts a robust 200 HP and three decent attacks. The first, Psybeam, for one Psychic Energy does 30 damage and confuses your opponent’s active Pokémon. The second attack, Psychic, for one Psychic Energy and two Colorless Energy does 60 damage plus 30 more for each energy on your opponent’s active Pokémon. The third attack, its GX attack Divide GX, for one Psychic Energy and two Colorless Energy allows you to place 10 damage counters in any way you like on your opponent’s side of the field. While Espeon GX can be an effective attacker against many different decks, it truly shines when you are facing another Mega Mewtwo deck. Unlike Mega Mewtwo, Espeon GX can attack for weakness which allows you to OHKO an opposing Mega Mewtwo. Which means if you use Psychic to attack, your opponent only needs to have two energy on their Mega Mewtwo for you to be able to OHKO it.  Prior to Espeon GX’s inclusion, you would have needed a combination of seven energy between your Mega Mewtwo and your opponents to achieve this. Espeon GX’s GX attack can also help you to set up knockouts with your other attackers later in the game as well.


While Wobbuffet serves as a decent secondary attacker, its real utility is in its Bide Barricade ability. With Decidueye/ Vileplume gaining so much popularity it is important for you to have a way to consistently get around being shut out of playing items, Wobbuffet fills this vital role quite well. Bide Barricade shuts off Vileplume’s Irritating Pollen ability, which locks you out of playing items, as well as Decidueye’s Feather Arrow ability. Wobbuffet’s ability also shuts off other key abilities like Shaymin’s Set Up ability, and Volcanion’s Steam Up all while allowing you to still take advantage of Hoopa’s Scoundrel Ring ability. Wobbuffet can also be used to clean up late game by taking out severely damaged Pokémon that are still lingering on your opponent’s side of the field with its Psychic Assault attack. Psychic Assault does 10 damage plus 10 more damage for each damage counter on your opponent’s active Pokemon. This attack can serve as a nice follow up to any of your Mega Mewtwo or Espeon GX’s attacks.

The Standard List

Now that we’ve seen some of the new muscle that Mega Mewtwo has gained I want to go over the rest of the list. The current list I’ve been testing looks like this:

M Mewtwo EX/Espeon

Pokemon (16)

  • 3 Mewtwo EX
  • 3 M Mewtwo EX
  • 2 Trubbish
  • 2 Garbodor
  • 1 Eevee
  • 1 Espeon GX
  • 1 Wobbuffet
  • 1 Hoopa EX
  • 2 Shaymin EX

Trainers (33)

  • 4 Professor Sycamore
  • 2 N
  • 2 Lysandre
  • 4 Mewtwo Spirit Link
  • 4 Ultra Ball
  • 4 VS Seeker
  • 3 Mega Turbo
  • 3 Trainers’ Mail
  • 3 Float Stone
  • 1 Super Rod
  • 2 Shrine of Memories
  • 1 Parallel City

Energy (11)

  • 7 Psychic Energy
  • 4 Double Colorless Energy

Card Counts and Explanations

1-1 Espeon GX

Espeon’s main use is for the Mega Mewtwo mirror, but that is not all that it is good for. If you can get one powered up quick, its GX attack can be used to take knockouts on an opponents unevolved Gloom or Dartrix in the Decidueye match up. You can also use Espeon’s Psychic attack to set up multiple EX’s on your opponent’s side of the field to be in range of its Divide GX attack for a four prize turn late game. I didn’t include more than the 1-1 line because the majority of the time you still want to be attacking with Mega Mewtwo as it has a higher damage output and it can still set up Espeon’s Divide GX attack in the same manner.

1 Wobbuffet

The single copy of Wobbuffet that I included in the list has the ability, on its own, to change the tide of your Decidueye/ Vileplume matchup. Having the ability to promote Wobbuffet as needed so that you can play items allows you to establish your board setup against a deck that is counting on you not being able to do so. Wobbuffet can also serve as a good follow up attacker to either Mega Mewtwo or Espeon GX if needed. By using Wobbuffet as an attacker you are also forcing your opponent to play the seven-prize game which can be hard to do because both Espeon GX and Mega Mewtwo have ample Hp. The reason only one Wobbuffet has been included is that you already play Garbodor and, in most instances, you want to be attacking with Mega Mewtwo while you have Garbodor locking abilities on the bench. Wobbuffet is used to achieve this board state by shutting off Vileplume’s Irritating Pollen ability to get your Float Stone attached to your Trubbish or Garbodor.

3-3 Mega Mewtwo, 4 Mewtwo Spirit Link

I chose to play a 3-3 count of the Mega Mewtwo line because at any point in time you shouldn’t need more than two Mega Mewtwo to close out the majority of your games. Also, by playing one less Mewtwo EX, you have a slightly higher chance of opening your copy of Wobbuffet which can be crucial in certain matchups. Even though I only played a 3-3 Mega Mewtwo EX line I still included the full count of four Mewtwo Spirit Link because you never want to find yourself in the situation of needing a link and not being able to find one. The link in many ways feels more important than the Mega Mewtwo itself.

4 Sycamore, 2 N

Four Sycamore is the easy part of this explanation, it is far and away the best draw supporter in the game and it serves as the main draw engine in this deck. The count of two N on the other hand is not as simple. I find myself between a rock and a hard place, while I would love to include one more N I don’t see any obvious place to cut a different card for it. I considered cutting one Mewtwo Spirit Link or one Trainers Mail for the third N, but after testing it out I found both the Mewtwo Spirit Link and the Trainers Mail to be more valuable.

3 Float Stone

At first glance running three Float Stone might seem excessive, but I’ve found that the consistency of three is too good to ignore. Float Stone not only activates Garbodor’s ability Garbotoxin, but it can also save you from starts where you open a sub optimal Pokémon. Also, since Wobbuffet is included in the list, you want to be sure that you can get a Float Stone on it if it ever hits the bench. Eevee also boasts a hefty two retreat cost so Float Stone can help prevent it from becoming a target for Lysandre stalls.


There are a few potential techs that can be added to the deck that can have effects on various matchups. Below some of the ones I would consider adding into the deck:

Espeon EX

Espeon EX is an interesting card mostly because of its first attack Miraculous Shine. For one Colorless Energy, Miraculous Shine says, “Devolve each of your opponents evolved Pokémon and put the highest Stage Evolution card on it into your opponent’s hand.” This attack has serious potential when coupled with Espeon GX’s Divide GX attack, especially in the Decidueye/ Vileplume matchup. If you are able to get 90 damage on a couple of Decidueye GX’s and then use Miraculous Shine, you can potentially put your opponent out of the game. Keep in mind will also be devolving your opponents Vileplume so a you just be able to recover their Decidueye that turn with their own items. However, if they can’t and all they can do is revolve their Vileplume than you should have an easy time.

Tauros GX

Taruros GX could serve as another nifty tech in Mega Mewtwo. You can utilize its Horn Attack early in the game to set up easier late game knock outs for Mega Mewtwo. Additionally, because the list is playing three Float Stones, you can allow damage to build up on it and then save its GX attack for a late game closer. Tauros GX is easy to include in the list since it already runs Double Colorless Energy and it can be powered up in one turn. Tauros can prove useful in the Volcanion and Darkrai matchups, if your opponent fails to OHKO your Tauros GX then they have essentially just given you a free two prizes off of Tauros’s Mad Bull GX attack. Now, that means you will have to sacrifice your Tauros GX to their follow up attack, but that means you will get the first hit on a clean Volcanion or Darkrai which can be invaluable.


Delinquent is a card that has the potential to outright win you games when played at the correct moment. Lately it seems like a lot of lists are dropping Delinquent in favor of other tech cards, and I think that people are beginning to sleep on the card. As a result players will more often play themselves down to a hand of three cards or less. If you can capitalize on this lack of discipline with Delinquent you can, in many cases, win yourself the game right there.

3rd N

Having a third N to up the consistency of the deck would be amazing. If you feel like you are lacking consistency or are constantly whiffing Supporters, I would consider adding in a third N. Some cards that you could consider taking out for the third N are one Trainers Mail or a Mewtwo Spirit Link. You could also consider cutting one Float Stone, but I feel like that is a last resort type of cut.

Sizing Up the Format

Volcanion 60/40

In this matchup, your goal is to just lock your opponent down. Once you have Garbodor set up it becomes very hard for them to keep pace with you, forcing your opponent to hit you for a maximum of 130 damage. If possible, hold your Shrine of Memories until Garbodor’s Garbotoxin is active so that once your opponent is forced into hitting you for 130 damage you can damage change it back on to the attacking Volcanion. You can then retreat to a fresh Mega Mewtwo and follow this up with a Psychic Infinity for the knock out. If you happen to start Wobbuffet, you can prevent your opponent from going off on turn one, especially since some Volcanion lists seem to be dropping Max Elixir in fear of item lock.  In general, once you have Garbodor active it should be smooth sailing in this matchup.

Decidueye/Vileplume 50/50

The inclusion of Wobbuffet helps to bring this matchup back to 50-50. All that you need is that one turn with an active Wobbuffet so that you can attach a Float Stone to your Trubbish/ Garbodor. After you have done this it becomes much easier to win the game because you will once again have access to all of your valuable resources. Shutting off Feather Arrow also helps to relieve the pressure that your opponent would otherwise be able to apply to you. Even still, because there is only one Wobbuffet, the potential exists that you either prized it, or can’t find it until it is too late. Decidueye’s HP can be a monster to get over, so if the game ever gets out of hand for your opponent they may attempt to stall you out by retreating between multiple Decidueye before you can finish them off.

Turbo Darkrai 45/55

This matchup is in Darkrai’s favor. The fact of the matter is that the tricks you use to win other matchups (Garbodor, Wobbuffet, and Espeon) just don’t have much of an effect on this matchup. Darkrai’s speed can be too much to handle in most instances. Parallel City can have an impact in this matchup if your opponent isn’t careful with where they are attaching their Dark Energy to the bench. If you can catch your opponent with multiple copies of Dark Energy spread across more than three Pokemon you can Parallel City them and force them to discard energy and reduce their damage. Darkrai’s resistance to Psychic types does not help the situation either. Unfortunately, because of this resistance you will be forced to play the two-hit game with Darkrai which, it is much better equipped for. Espeon GX may be able to steal you a knock out on a benched Darkrai Ex that your opponent might have retreated after being hit by your Mega Mewtwo.

Vespiquen 60/40

Vespiquen should be a fairly easy matchup for you to take care of. Wobbuffet can disrupt the Vespiquen players early set up while Garbodor can shut down abilities like Klefki from having an effect on the game. Along with all of that comes Mega Mewtwo’s 210 HP which, in combination with the minus 20 from Parallel City, should make it difficult for your opponent to score a knockout against you. If you can get your opponent into a board state where they have multiple Combee benched, Espeon GX can clear their board of them with Divide GX. In addition, you should try to avoid playing down easy targets such as Shaymin Ex if you can since that will be your opponent’s easiest path to victory. Damage Change is a great strategy in this matchup. If your opponent is failing to OHKO your Mega Mewtwo than you can simply move the damage to them and force them to attack into your clean Mega Mewtwo once again. Most Vespiquen lists are only playing one stadium card so your Shrine of Memories should be safe. During the late stages of the game where your opponent is getting close to OHKO range you should play down Parallel City to clear your bench of any easy targets you have down and to reduce their damage.

Mega Rayquaza 40/60

Mega Rayquaza is a pretty hard matchup for Mega Mewtwo. They are able to deal massive amounts of damage fast and they can set up their entire board in one turn. Damage Change doesn’t have much of a place in this matchup since your opponent will most likely be OHKO’ing you in most instances. If you manage to open with Wobbuffet you can slow your opponent down slightly, which may be enough to give you the breathing room you need to set up Garbodor. Once Garbodor is set up, you can try to pick apart your opponent’s field with Psychic Infinity. Unfortunately, Psychic Infinity requires you to commit four energy onto your Mega Mewtwo to OHKO a Mega Rayquaza. Even then, once you take that Knock Out, your attacking Mega Mewtwo will more than likely be one shot back. This matchup will prove to be an uphill battle.


Well I hope you all enjoyed this article as much as I enjoyed writing it. Mega Mewtwo has been one of my favorite decks since late last season and I have enjoyed seeing it have so much success. I think that, once again, the Meta has shifted back in favor of Mega Mewtwo and it can make another run at success. Thank you all for taking the time to read this and for your continued support of our website! Thanks again for logging onto Some1sPC.




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