Hey, Some1spc readers! With all the buzz around Burning Shadows, and with Worlds right around the corner, I'm here to talk about something different with you, Expanded! Pokémon has recently changed the ban list, so I'll be touching on that fairly quickly, and my current go to deck for the Expanded format. Pokémon has added 2 cards to the ban list, banning Forest of Giant Plants and Archeops (DEX). Both of these cards have had a drastic impact on the meta, and have rendered a large pool of cards borderline unplayable (predominantly Archeops).   

First up, we have Archeops. People have complained about this card's existence for quite some time, and Pokémon is finally doing something about it. With the ability to prevent your opponents from evolving their Pokémon altogether, the Archeops player would be able to tremendously slow down their opponent, if not just stop them in their tracks altogether.  Even though I've personally never been a huge fan of decks that rely on evolving a lot, I think this card leaving the format can allow for a lot more innovation in the Expanded format.

The second card they banned was Forest of Giant Plants. The card design on this card in general limits design on Grass Pokémon in general (leading to the original ban of Shiftry before), and added a whole new level of variance to the decks that rely on it. In Standard, Decidueye Vileplume was the main deck that abused this card, and the difference between getting the Turn 1 Vileplume and getting it a few turns later was huge. In Expanded, thanks to Battle Compressor and Revitalizer, getting out whatever Grass Type Pokémon you want on turn 1 is significantly easier. Decks like Lurantis Vileplume and Decidueye Vileplume were poised to continue having a huge impact on Expanded, but without Forest of Giant Plants, they will be much more 'fair'.  

I'm very happy with Pokémon showing they're at least trying to keep up with the Expanded format, what's been dominating, what's poised to do well, and taking some action on it. While I do think that there were several cards they could have banned to change up the Expanded Format, as long as they're keeping an eye on it throughout the season, I have very high hopes. With that said, now let's move onto my current pet deck for Expanded, Turbo Dark.

Turbo Dark has been a solid contender in the Expanded format ever since the release of Darkrai (BKP), and it's looking even better now. Previously, one of the biggest things holding it back was the fact that one of the most prominent decks, Yveltal Archeops, had a built in counter to it with Gallade. With the ban of Archeops, Yveltal's hype has severely declined (outside of Israel Sosa of course, but he never got out Archeops anyways), and thus the decline of Gallade goes with it. Another great selling point on the deck is the hype of Trevenant. Trevenant has gotten a lot of hype since the ban of Forest, as it's now the go to option for Turn 1 item locking. Trevenant doesn't really have much of an answer to Turbo Dark, which I talk about below. Unfortunately, Turbo Dark does gain a very unfavorable matchup as well, in Night March. Now that Night March gains Marshadow GX (being able to copy the attack Night March, abuse Fighting Typing, and abusing Focus Sash), Turbo Dark doesn't have a very good answer at all to it. I currently believe these three decks to be the biggest three decks going into the first few weeks of Expanded, providing a very interesting Meta Triangle (Trevenant>Night March>Turbo Dark>Trevenant etc).

Now onto the list!  

Turbo Darkrai


  • 2 Darkrai EX BKP
  • 2 Darkrai EX DEX
  • 2 Darkrai GX BUS
  • 1 Yveltal XY
  • 2 Shaymin EX
  • 1 Jirachi EX
  • 1 Hoopa EX


  • 3 Professor Sycamore
  • 2 N
  • 1 Hex Maniac
  • 1 Ghetsis
  • 1 Guzma
  • 1 Delinquent
  • 1 AZ
  • 4 VS Seeker
  • 4 Ultra Ball
  • 4 Max Elixir
  • 4 Dark Patch
  • 3 Battle Compressor Team Flare Gear
  • 2 Fighting Fury Belt
  • 1 Field Blower
  • 1 Dowsing Machine
  • 2 Parallel City
  • 2 Silent Lab


  • 12 Dark Energy


Specific Card Choices

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