Hello, everyone! This is Franco, back with another article for you all. Now that Team Up has finally been released and we have several major events coming up--whether it is a Regional, League Cup or League Challenge--I’m sure many of you guys are testing out different archetypes, or even reading through the cards to find a possible new combo/archetype that hasn’t been discovered yet. Since the meta is still developing, I’ve decided to share some deck ideas that you guys can experiment with. Hopefully, this article inspires you, or at the very least gives you some knowledge about the current format.  Let’s just get started!


The Team Up Charizard turned out to be a very interesting card. It is a Stage 2, non-GX Pokémon that has an Ability that self-accelerates energies from the deck, and its attack, “Continuous Blaze Ball” deals 30 damage plus another 50 for each Fire Energy you discard from it. Generally, Stage 2 Pokémon are difficult to use, since they are so reliant on constantly having to hit Rare Candy and having the right pieces to maintain your board under pressure. However, with the release of Stellar Wish Jirachi, the setup is easier, since it allows you to find the various Rare Candy pieces, and since Charizard has the ability to self-accelerate, you’re not constantly pressured to find energy to attach. Here’s a list for Charizard for those who are interested.  

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