What’s up Some1sPC Readers? I’m here today to bring you a bi-weekly series I want to start on Some1spc.com, The Community PC. Basically, I believe a high number of PokéParents and competitive players need a little boost in help to find all the best content available in the community. Since there are a ton of YouTube videos, deck lists posted on social media outlets, and streams by top level players, I think it the amount of content the community puts out can be overwhelming. I want to help our readers save some time and get to the real competitive substance the community has to offer. With each post, I’ll include a little excerpt on each subject but nothing ridiculously detailed. Let’s get started!


Tapu Keku Cards – Partnership with Some1sPC for Seattle Regionals.


Some1sPC is partnering with TapuKekuCards for Seattle Regionals to sell our Some1sPC playmats at their booth. They’re introducing a new form of booth selling at Pokemon Events via Pre-orders. You’ll be able to pay TCGPlayer prices in advanced and pickup your cards on the morning of the event. I think this a great service for the community that more of us should take advantage of. Everyone on the team had to order around 100+ cards as we’re all unsure of what we’re playing and were ridiculously busy with the past 2 Regionals/Work to find time to order them all. Please check them out as any support that goes to them only strengthens our partnership.

P.S. – They’re doing a raffle giveaway of a Nintendo Switch at the event. Spending $15 or more gets you a ticket into the raffle!

CCGCastle.com – Igor Costa’s League Cup 1st Place – Greninja 

Igor placed 1st at my local (2 hours away) League Cup last weekend. In his facebook post he mentions how he only lost to Decidueye in the 2nd round of the tournament, but all other matchups were relatively easy. If you’re expecting to play against a Greninja deck at Seattle Regionals, I would think it looks something close to this. Many players respect Igor and his deck building so I think taking this list as an initial template is sound.



Complexity Card Gaming – Special Event Milan Stream + Top 8 Decklists


[TCG] Simone Soldo made top4 with his teched-out Greninja deck! You can find his list below:

Posted by Complexity Card Gaming – Pokémon on Sunday, May 21, 2017

Complexity Card Gaming streamed Grand Open Milan this past weekend. We saw Gyarados take home the championship in a dominating fashion. I think the decklist was relatively standard after the release of Guardians Rising so I wanted to include 2 lists that were a little out of the ordinary.

The first list is a tech’d Greninja list by Simone Soldo who played Espeon EX to counter his expected evolution meta and Hex Maniac to slow down his opponent’s early game setup speed. I liked the inclusion of these cards a lot including the Wally alongside Tapu Lele so I think I’ll test this concept out a bit in my lists and see if it’s worthy to become the new standard.

The second list is Manuele Tartaglia’s 2nd place list with Garbodor/Espeon GX/Mill. As you can see his list plays 3 Bunnelby, Team Rocket’s Handiwork, and Delinquent to force opponents to dump Items in the discard pile. This is a nice twist on Garbodor variants that I believe a majority of the community is sleeping on. I know I certainly like variants like this all too much but I didn’t push 3 Bunnelby in my list alongside the tech Supporters. His 2nd place has pushed me to start testing this list out for Seattle, as it can force decks that play somewhat passive with Items against Garbodor, to have Items in the discard.  Sadly since his list didn’t include Spinda or Oricoro, he couldn’t overcome the pressure from Gyarados in the finals.





Pokemon Mentor – Goncalo Ferreira’s Vikavolt Ninetales and Decidueye Ninetales Profiles


If you don’t know, Goncalo Ferreira has gone on a tear this season after the release of Decidueye GX. He back to back regionals with Decidueye GX variants and has been quite innovative with this deck building over the past few weeks. Listed are 2 varients he’s popularized in the community and had solid placings with at his local League Cups.

Storming into the meta is Decidueye Ninetales, which I believe to be a suboptimal way of building Decidueye. I think that while Alolan Vulpix helps the deck play around Garbodor varients, it isn’t enough to steal away the matchup if the Garbodor deck plays Drampa GX or Wobbuffet. Regardless, you should test with and against this varients just to get a feel for how it plays.

Goncalo’s 2nd deck, Vikavolt Ninetales, is something that I’ve been testing for the past week. He happen to win a League Cup and League Challenge this past weekend with the deck and has caused a nice little spark of interest in the competitive community to look at his deck. My decklist is quite a few cards different than Goncalo’s (almost 13 cards I believe) but I think his deck is a solid starting point to building the deck and testing out any new concepts with Vikavolt GX.




Kemony’s Twitch – Nick Bailey Open 


If you’re itching for some VOD’s to review for this untested meta, checkout the videos from the Nick Bailey Open (League Cup) which includes some nice variants of Garbodor, Ninetales, and Decidueye Ninetales all in top 8. Specifically, watch how Benjamin Sauk pilots his Ninetales and how the deck is built to get a better feel of how the deck is played. I believe a majority of the community underrates this deck and will pay for it at Seattle Regionals.

Michael Slutsky’s Twitch Stream


A good friend of mine, Michael Slutsky, has recently started up streaming Pokemon Trading Card Game Online with some solid decklists. Check out some of his past broadcasts and decklists posted to his Facebook for some more quality competitive content.


That’s it for this week! I’ll update this post throughout the week if anything spicy pops up! Take it easy and thanks for logging in!



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