Just a heads up - This article was meant to be posted before LAIC. We apologize for the tardiness. Catron ended up not playing this deck and here is a quick note from him as to why he switched to Malamar:

"After arriving to Sao Paulo testing begin immediately. We played a few games and I immediately felt the decks mewtwo matchup wasn't strong enough for the event and set it aside. Other players testing with us including stephane ivanoff and jonathan croxton, continued to grind the deck and eventually settled on a list they felt was worthy for the event. Stephane finished in the top 32 and jonathan had a rough day facing a few decks that included mimikyu which was hard for him to deal with. I eventually decided to play malamar as it was getting late and I still haven't decided on a deck, malamar is a deck im very comfortable with along with having a very favorable mewtwo matchup which i consider to be the best deck in the format. I also felt malamar was well suited for any rogue decks that pop up considering it is a singler prize deck and has a ton of options."

Whats up readers, after a series of expanded regionals were back to standard for LAIC, but cosmic eclipse is now legal. Before cosmic we saw the format dominated by mew3 and pidgeotto with pikarom coming in at a close 3rd. Mew3 was doing specifically well because it has a favorable pidgey matchup along with being extremely aggressive and well rounded in the meta. Pidgey never got a win but was always right there along side the attacking decks, pidgeys unfavored mewmew matchup held it back but maybe with some new tools it'll be able to hold its own in the matchup. Pikarom is simply  a consistent deck that hits hard, it didn't have great matchups but was still strong from just pure aggression and consistency in an otherwise inconsistent format.


Cosmic eclipse is bringing a ton of new archetypes and reviving some old ones. The biggest addition is Arceus, dialga, palkia tag team which has been dominating the ptcgo ladder since the sets release, adp is aggressive and consistent, very similar to pikarom of the last standard but with a gx attack that lets you take extra prizes and access to keldeo gx many of pikaroms bad matchups become favorable for a deck like adp. Cosmic eclipse also brings doll stall which auto wins the majority of decks in this format only losing to ones that can item lock and use custom catchers along side oranguru, which currently the only decks that do those are beheeyem and pidgey control.  Lillies poke doll also gives beheeyem a big boost as not your opponent has to take 4 extra knockouts to win the game, this is a massive buff as beheeyems biggest issue is it couldn't close out games fast enough and the opponent would eventually just win. The last big archetype cosmic eclipse brings is silvally plus red and blue tag team, there are a couple different decks that can utilize this combo including, dark box, flygon and the deck im going to go over in this article quagsire blastoise piplup.


The biggest selling point of this deck is the healing provided by a combination of blastoise and piplup tag team and mallow and lana. Traditionally quagsire has had a rough time dealing with other single prize decks such as malamar but with a 270hp tank that can heal it self and the option to heal yourself even more with mallow and lana those matchups become extremely easy. Another issue quagsire decks have been struggling with is consistency and with the additions of silvally gx and professor oaks setup the deck is extremely consistent.


The list


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