Utah Regionals Discussion – Video –

Portland Regionals Metagame Discussion!

GA Tournament Report – Darkrai Turbo

Russ sits down with Chris and discusses his first time in Day 2 and bubbling at 9th! Find out why they chose Spinda and...

Russ VLOG on Philadelphia Regionals

Video: Yveltal/Darkrai/Garbodor

In this video, Russ goes over one of his first drafts of Yveltal/Darkrai/Garbodor. It's a solid Dark deck that is already a favorite theme...

Video: M Scizor Skeleton

In this video we discuss the standard approach we take when building a Mega deck in the Pokémon TCG. We extract all the tech...

Video: Volcanion/Volcanion-EX

Hey guys! The Some1sPC team did a video a while back of our initial testing list for Volcanion/Volcanion-EX in the standard format. Volcanion/Volcanion-EX Pokémon 4 Volcanion STS 4...

Video: Understanding the Pokémon Championship Circuit

In this Video, we discuss the changes for the Pokémon Championship Circuit and what you'll need to do to qualify this year!