Super Rod-cast: Episode 20 and Episode 20.5

Don't forget to check out the past 2 episodes of Super Rod-cast featuring Ryan Sabelhaus, Joe from Omnipoke, and Pablo from Tablemon! These are...

Super Rod Cast Episode: 19 & 19.5

https://soundcloud.com/user-455652233/src-episode-19-omnipoke-ing-around-sun-moon https://soundcloud.com/user-455652233/src-episode-19point5-costa-you-a-mewtwo-tale

Super Rod Cast: Episode 18 Stale Standard Survival Guide + Giveaway!

This insanely long episode of Super Rod Cast includes your original Super Rod Cast lineup and Some1sPC's Russell LaParre. Russ and the Cast discuss...

Super Rod-Cast Episode 17.5: Interview with Michael Pramawat (London International Champion)


Super Rod-Cast: Episode 16.5 and 17

  https://soundcloud.com/user-455652233/src-ep-16point5-we-pulled-will-post https://soundcloud.com/user-455652233/src-episode-17-6th-n-9th-dudes

Super Rod-cast: Episode 16

Check out the one of the latest episodes from the Super Rod-cast where the cast goes over Team MonSTARS performance at Ft Wayne. https://soundcloud.com/user-455652233/src-episode-16-monstars-bringing-payne-in-ft-wayne

Super Rod Cast – Episode 15


Super Rod-Cast Episode 14.5 – Philadelphia the Phila-buster

Super Rod-Cast Episode 14.5 - Philadelphia the Phila-buster Checkout the latest episode of Super Rod-Cast! The ending is quite entertaining. https://soundcloud.com/user-455652233/src-ep-14point5-philadelphia-the-phila-buster

Partnering up with Super Rod-Cast!

We What's up everyone! We just wanted to make a quick announcement of our partnership with Super Rod-Cast, one of the best podcasts PTCG has...