Before I get started, allow me to paint a picture:

I’m sitting at home and trying to figure out the play for Charlotte, NC and Zoroark Lycanroc started sounding really good to me so I set off to build and test the deck. Like most of you, when I want to build a deck I start by browsing the internet for decklists and what not and I run into the build Pramawat used to win Memphis Regionals. Since that build is obviously outdated with the release of Ultra Prism, I needed to assess how Zoroark decklists have evolved since then and apply changes as necessary. I then figure that I can probably just look up the Some1sPC article on Zoroark Lycanroc and start my testing from there. To my amazement, I found that there is only an Expanded article on this deck and no dedicated Standard article for these Bloodthirsty Eyes to read. After the initial shock of this finding, I remembered that I too used to write articles and that brings us to now…

Back by unpopular demand, my name is Chris Taporco and I’m here with another fun filled article on Zoroark Lycanroc. Since I don’t have the cognitive overhead to handle the Zoroark Golisopod mirror, I’m favoring a deck that speeds up my gameplay and lets me take OHKOS more often. That fact in combination with the ability to play a draw Supporter and still have access to a Catcher effect has proven to be amazing in a format where you want to N and take out a Zoroark in the same turn. Overall, this deck offers a more aggressive approach to tackle the current Meta and lets you veer away from the monotony of the 2HKO battle. So without further ado, let’s dive right into it:

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