Hello, Some1PC members! It is finally a time for Pokémon that I am looking forward to. Expanded regionals are finally finished for the year and we can move on to what I believe is a healthier standard format than what we were just going through. I did go to Virginia regionals and I bombed the event. I should never have strayed away from Wailord or Aerodactyl in expanded because both of those decks could have been an extremely good choice. Instead I picked Greninja because I already had my invite and wanted to give the frog boys one more chance before I hung them up for good. I finished horribly and ended up watching some of my friends be very successful every round. It was a very fun tournament even with such a poor performance with Greninja. There was not much time for me to test standard before I had to jump on the flight to Japan however but I did test a pretty healthy amount before I went to Roanoke. I realized pretty easily just like the majority of people that psychic Malamar is extremely good but has a rough time against Golisopod and Zoroark. That Busswole is really good but has a tough time against Psychic Malamar, Zoroark is really good but has a tough time against Buzzwole, and last but not least Ultra Necrozma is really good but has a rough time against Parallel City plus targeting the Malamar early game. With all of that being said we are in a rock, paper, scissors format and typically that is a little bit unhealthy, but because it is very few decks instead of there being 15 decks to choose from all being viable it is a little bit healthier of a format especially for players like me who love to counter the meta and beat all of the top decks. Which is exactly what I am going to be doing in this article. The format is still fresh and new so there are a lot of risks that go with putting together a rogue deck right before a tournament like Madison but it is a risk that could end up winning you a lot of games in the end.

The deck that I believe will be a contender in future tournaments and should be able to make a space at events is Malamar Counter Energy Box. This deck was inspired by a deck that Jeremy Jallen played a couple months ago in expanded. It revolved around Bronzong Metal Links being able to charge up a ton of different attackers and using energies like Prism and Rainbow in order to use Pokemon of all different types to get the type advantage. The deck uses the majority of one prize attackers which make us win the trade the majority of the time. This deck is extremely versatile and you can play just about anything you want in the deck based on what you are expecting a lot at the tournament. That makes it so it is the perfect League Cup and small regional deck. It could be a really strong deck option going into Ohio Internationals as well depending on what the metagame looks like. Most Pokemon in this deck attack for two energies usually a colorless and then whatever type of energy is needed for their attack. I tested the deck a lot for Roanoke regionals in the Expanded format with Malamar instead of Bronzong because the addition to the psychic typing and Mysterious Treasure make it way more consistent and have better typing than it being a Metal based deck. It was extremely good but it did not dominate a deck like Zoroark which it is supposed to do the reason for this was very simple the deck could not beat getting Hex Maniac every single turn of the game. Lucky for us that is not something that we have to worry about anymore this season. I wanted to shift the deck over to standard to see how it ended up doing and I was pleasantly surprised by the results that I had with it. Now that all of the deck’s backstory is done let’s get to the flexible list that I believe should be the groundwork for this deck regardless of the Meta you are going into.

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