Alright, everyone, we have finally had a tournament with Lost Thunder being legal and it has had the impact that I believed it would so far. We have also started League Cups and Challenges for the second quarter of the season and if you are going for your invite this year they are going to be very important for getting it. I am just going to talk a little bit about what happened in Brazil and why I feel like the format is extremely healthy right now. Although Zoroark-GX control dominated the tournament I do not believe that it is as broken a deck as it ended up being last year before Celestial Storm came out and that is because there are very strong decks that can counter the deck very easily.

Zoroark-GX ended up winning that tournament because people were trying to do all sorts of different things with their decks and ended up forgetting about the Zoroark-GX control strategy. Decks that popped up like Granbull, Blacephalon-GX, and Decidueye-GX saw a lot of success and popularity in Brazil and control is the type of deck that takes advantage of those decks. We did not see very much of the decks that use to be good and keep Zoroark-GX in check like VikaRay because of that it was able to run rampant and win the tournament. The reason I think that this is a healthy format for Pokémon right now is that the decks people use will have to change to adapt to Zoroark-GX control. This is a very common thing in other games like Magic where if a control deck wins and a lot of people are playing it then it is time for people to start playing more aggressive decks to beat that deck. Ultimately this turns into people strategizing over what the best counter deck to run is. I think that we will see a lot of people bringing out decks like VikaRay again to beat Zoroark-GX control and that will make the deck underperform. The Zoroark-GX control deck that won Brazil is also not as dominant as the tournament made it out to be as there are cards that can be played in your deck to help beat that match up. Faba and Girafarig are a couple that do a lot of good work against that deck. There are tools in the format that make the deck only good for very specific tournaments and a large international right after the set came out was a perfect tournament for Zoroark-GX control to win.

Now after talking a little bit about how I feel that Brazil ended the way it did, I am going to talk a little bit about what I believe is the best deck to play for Roanoke and the deck that I went undefeated with at my League Cup last weekend. I started out in the morning planning on playing whatever deck seemed to be doing the best at Brazil and just taking my chances that it was a good deck. Every deck, however, all had the same thing in common – they all lost to this one deck and I decided that I should just play the deck that beat all those other decks. This deck was unbelievably consistent, and it dominated all the other decks that I went up against. That deck is Metagross-GX.

This is a deck that has always been decent, but it never really dominated the format and the only time it did very well was when it placed second at a Regionals, and even then the pilot of the deck talked about how bad it was. I think that the format has finally changed, and enough cards have finally come out to make it a top tier deck and I will talk a little bit about why in this article.

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