Hello again, Some1sPC fam! I am very excited to finally present a deck that I have spent a great amount of time on, and one that surprisingly has built up a bit of hype leading up to the 2019 Pokémon World Championships in DC this month: Beheeyem. 

My longtime readers (and hopefully some newfound ones as well) may have seen me play this deck for the first time against my friend, Andrew over at Mahone’s Tricky Gym. Finally, after a lot of careful edits, I am ready to present the deck publicly for the first time. I am so excited to finally give out not one, but two separate lists for this deck, which has been causing my private message box to continually fill. I spent more hours on this deck than anything else in the UPR to UNM format, so I am very pleased to be given the opportunity to showcase my hard work in yet another article. 


Before diving into the deck, however, I would like to give a brief history of how the deck has gotten to its current state:

After viewing all of the various cards from Unified Minds, I was slightly displeased with all of the options for new decks. It seemed like a Mew & Mewtwo-GX box deck and a Dark-type box deck would be the only viable options when time to explore new and exciting archetypes for the 2019 Pokémon World Championships this week. However, one card that caught my eye was Beheeyem. An attacker that could, for just one attachment, lock your opponent out of Items and deal 90 damage seemed good in theory. The longer I thought about it, the more potential the card seemed to have. The shuffling effect of the card allowed for an annoying wall to fill the Active position, while also conserving Triple Acceleration Energy rather than discarding it. Synergy with Goomy also allowed for Mysterious Treasure to search a large percentage of the Pokémon within the deck. The newly released Blue’s Tactics also allowed us to draw back into Beheeyem and Triple Acceleration Energy after they’re shuffled into the deck via “Mysterious Noise.” .

At the 2019 North American International Championships in Columbus, I reached out to some friends about the card, and after collaboration from Hunter Butler, Jeff Surran, Kyle Lesniwicz, Rob Stephens, Sam Hough and Nick Robinson a functioning deck was made. Nick’s inclusion of Mareep and Slumbering Forest really took the deck over the top enough to function in the current format, and eventually this list was settled upon:


Let me explain a few things: first, you may notice that this is a little different than the one that I showcased on YouTube. That is because there is another version of the deck, which I will get to later. For now, let’s break down some of the deck.

The Loop 

This deck functions on a continuous loop of actions that will eventually take your opponent out of the game. 


Part 1: the loop starts with sleep locking your opponent with Mareep and Slumbering Forest. With 25% odds of waking up in between turns, this Sleep option is a great way of stalling until you are able to set up the rest of your board. Not only this, but once you begin to lock Items, it is nearly impossible for your opponent to wake up without actually flipping two heads.

Part 2: Once your opponent’s Pokémon is asleep and you have all the necessary pieces, it is time to start locking Items. Using your U-Turn Board will allow for infinite retreating from Mareep. So to start locking Items you’ll need to find one of your four Triple Acceleration Energy, four Beheeyem, and four backup attackers for next turn (Elgyem/Ditto).

Part 3: Promote Goomy and lock your opponent from attacking with the extra Energy cost. You’ll need to secure a second U-turn Board to make sure the Goomy can retreat to Beheeyem next turn. In the case where you’re confident in your ability to do this you can promote Mareep instead.

Repeat steps two and three until your opponent eventually finds a knockout, either by waking up or promoting a fresh Pokémon after you knock out their Active one. Once your Goomy goes down, just promote your Mareep and start again. Eventually, there will be three total cards in your deck, and your draw for turn along with two “Air Mail” Abilities will allow you to infinitely loop this combo. This lock seemed to be the most effective against the field of expected decks in Washington, DC this weekend. Here are some other cards that did not quite make the cut.

Druddigon DRM
Dragon Talon DRM 

Giant Bomb UNM
Silvally-GX UPR

Druddigon, Dragon Talon and Giant Bomb all made great ways to increase your damage output, with Silvally allowing for free retreat. However, consistency was too much of a problem to allow this engine to work.


Some other possible inclusions for the deck would be Alolan Ninetales, Hapu and Sightseer. These were three cards brought to my attention by other people looking at the deck and they do seem to be great inclusions. Sightseer allows you to easily thin out your deck and quickly set up the loop you are trying to maintain. The same thing can be said about Hapu, as it grabs you the pieces you need while discarding some of the less useful cards in the deck. Alolan Ninetales has really been the card I’ve become most interested in. Blocking attacks from GX Pokémon is very strong in a format where non-GX Pokémon are having a hard time finding their footing. However the struggle of setting up three different Stage 1 Pokémon really turned me away from the desire to test any changes in the deck


With the proper edits in place this deck actually tested very well, but like with any deck there are some inherent flaws. Hitting all of the pieces every turn can be a real challenge, and with decks playing cards like Mixed Herbs, just one turn of healing from your opponent can lose you the game. With Dark type Pokémon mainly having Psychic Resistance, there also came problems with being able to keep up the lock long enough to contend with Dark decks. In light of all this, I decided to address these problems with a different type of build on the deck.  



This list is closer to the one you may have seen me play on YouTube. I built this list out of a necessity to combat the fragility of the non-GX deck. Super Scoop up allows for Dedenne to be recycled, and burning quickly through the deck will hopefully allow for the lock to be broken much less often. On top of that, Scoop Up allows for your large-HP GX Pokémon to survive multiple attacks. Walls like Keldeo-GX and Magikarp & Wailord-GX allow you to have walls that will stay in play, rather than needing to search out a new one. Silvally-GX also stops the need for finding Multiple U-turn Boards. All of these Pokémon also have the advantage of being searchable with Cherish Ball, adding consistency to the deck. The strategy of the deck is identical to that of the other version except for the fact that you’ll be promoting a different Pokémon than Goomy. The GX focus on the deck will hopefully make it a little more difficult for your opponent to take prizes. Not all decks can be perfect however, and the large problem that this deck encounters is running out of steam. Without Pidgeotto, there is no way to infinitely draw into your pieces every turn and eventually you will miss the lock toward the end of the game once you’ve exhausted all of your Supporters. I have found that Silvally-GX is a great card to finish the game before your deck can no longer stream attacks. A “Rebel GX” can win most games singlehandedly by taking three prizes. I have even thought about teching in one Water Memory, so that against decks containing Reshiram & Charizard-GX you will have a much easier time dealing with their large-HP attackers. Another addition I contemplated was a single copy of Sigilyph GX, as it can reflect damage onto opposing Pokémon GX simply by sitting in the Active, and seeing as the deck’s main struggle is running out of resources before being able to take six prizes, this could be a strong choice. 


In regards to the 2019 Pokémon World Championships and the D.C Open, I do not believe I will be playing this deck, but I do believe that the deck is strong and I will have it in my back pocket for future tournaments this season. However, there are certain cards currently being used in decks that have really proven to be too much of a nuisance for Beheeyem to deal with. One example of this is Pikachu & Zekrom-GX decks playing Dawn Wings Necrozma-GX. The ability to so easily wake up from sleep with Dawn Wings Necrozma’s Ability makes Beheeyem much weaker. That paired with the fact that “Tag Bolt GX” can easily break the deck’s loop by taking out an Elgyem from the Bench has really turned me off from the deck. However, I believe upcoming cards like Lillie’s Clefairy Doll will help the deck see some more success at a later tournament. 


Thank you again to all of my readers who’ve allowed me to showcase how my time was spent exploring this exciting new format for Worlds 2019! For those of you who like to keep up with my life outside of my writing, I have finally finished my undergraduate degree in Psychology with a focus in Behavioral Genetics, and now no longer have to deal with the stress of juggling my Pokémon and academic careers (for the time being, at least). I have begun to look for steady employment, and if all goes well I will be attempting to again be in the Top 16 players in North America this season. What this means for me is that I will probably be sitting a little closer to the established meta when it comes to the decks that I play this season, however I have really garnered a reputation and overall love for creating fun and unique decks that are competitively viable. With that in mind, I will be taking some time to begin preparing a new Twitch channel that I hope to branch to YouTube as well. I have come to find that these things take a lot of work, and so I hope to be able to give this to the community some time in the middle of this year. Here at Some1sPC, I hope to feature 100% free decks that I normally would wait to put behind a pay wall, using my article writing as an outlet for in-depth looks at tier one decks in preparation for whatever tournament I am hoping will allow me to become a Top 16 player. In the meantime, my Twitter account @PokePercic has been a place where I do post the occasional unique list or “spicy” tech, so please feel free to follow me there for some cool content. I cannot begin to thank all of you who are reading this for your continued support and allowing me to do what I love in Pokémon <3


-Frank Percic