Alright guys, I know I just wrote an article but it is finally that time where we get a new set to talk about, and boy is it a great set. Guardians Rising is amazing for the format and I am ecstatic to start talking about different decks that could pop up. We are going to start off by talking about one of my favorite cards in the set, and one that I think will shift the format in a good way, Sylveon GX. At first glance, there is no doubt that this card is going to be amazing, and this article will highlight its strengths. I have actually been testing it a lot and even though it does have some flaws, I believe it is going to be a huge factor in this up and coming format. This is the type of card that we needed in order to change up the format and make it much more fun for us to play once again.

Sylveon GX

For anyone who may not know what this card does, it is a Lapras GX on steroids. Instead of drawing three cards every turn for one water you get to search your deck for any three cards and put them into your hand every turn. This MAKES your opponent have to N or Ilima you or else they will not be able to keep up with the sheer power that you can overwhelm them with. Sylveon’s GX attack is also very viable in this format. It bounces two of your opponents bench Pokémon back to their hand. The threat of this attack makes it very hard for decks like Volcanion and Darkrai to charge big attackers up on the bench without being punished. We will talk about those match ups a little bit later in the article though. Sylveon would not be as good as it is without the Eevee’s ability to search and evolve turn one just by attaching a Fairy energy. This makes it so you can begin searching your deck for three cards every turn, starting on the first turn of the game. I will talk about a couple different Sylveon shells that I have tested and which one I personally think is best for Seattle and any tournament coming up in this format.

Magical Ribbon

This is what makes the deck work. When has searching your deck for any three cards you want ever been a bad thing? It is just a broken effect and makes it so we will always have everything we need. This effect is a little bit more difficult to use though. We have to be able to judge what our opponent is going to be doing for the next turn and act accordingly. It is a lot like Talonflame, in that we need to make the perfect selections or else we will have too many dead cards in our hand

Fairy Wind

This attack does not have much to is, it does 110 damage and that’s it. You will be two-shotting the majority of the format and while it may be a little bit underwhelming, it definitely could be worse, considering the power of Sylveon’s first attack.

Plea GX

This attack is amazing and a critical part of why I think Sylveon GX is so strong. Your opponent can no longer stand behind walls and just wait until they set up to beat you down. You can return Pokémon and all their energies back into their hand, and when paired with Team Skull Grunt it is one of my favorite combos in the deck. It is a GX attack that should be used just about every game.

Sylveon Control

This version of the deck is the most obvious version out there, because it is basically just like Quad Lapras but a little bit more consistent.

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