What's up, readers? Today, I'm bringing you a different style of article than I normally do. This article is going to be about why I believe PikaRom is the worst Meta deck in the Standard format. I'm going to go over the three most popular versions of the deck, the merits to playing each version and the matchups for each, as well as why I still believe the deck is bad, even with proper techs.


To start, I think PikaRom at its core, while being a very simple and consistent deck, just can't match the damage output of the other decks in the format, nor can it deal with control well enough to make it a viable choice. With the loss of Choice Band after the rotation, PikaRom has a much harder time putting out the consistent high numbers to deal with other Tag Team Pokémon like ReshiZard and MewMew. PikaRom also has a hard time dealing with one-prize decks like Malamar because it doesn't have many options to play for its own single-prize attacker. PikaRom also has a hard time dealing with decks like Blacephalon-GX because, again the prize trade is just too favored for Blacephalon, and PikaRom has no real way to stop that aside from hoping their opponent whiffs.


The first list I'm going to talk about is the version of PikaRom I believe is the worst: the PikaJudge list that Will Jenkins played to some success at the World Championships. I believe this version is the worst because the main idea of the deck is to just use Judge and hope your opponent dead draws, when often it will leave you with a bad hand, too. The Judge version just seems to take unnecessary risks in trying to brick your opponent rather than trying to win the game by drawing what you need.

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