Hello, Some1sPC readers! We finally got a ban announcement for Expanded and have two Regionals coming up, which gives us plenty to talk about! Now that Mewtwo & Mew-GX has been dominating Standard it is time to move formats and start thinking about the next two Regionals in Richmond and Portland, which are both Expanded! Unfortunately, it turns out the ban list will not take effect until after these Regionals, but I kept that in mind while I was doing my testing.

I do not think it is any secret that Archie’s Blastoise is the most talked about deck, so I didn't want to start off with an article on that deck since you've probably already heard so much about it. Instead, I have a really fun deck to talk about that I believe is going to be a solid deck going forward. We have not had a big Expanded tournament for two full sets now, and there are all sorts of exciting new cards that we get to play with. The question is how will these decks match up with the powerhouses of the format: Archie’s, Zoroark Control (pre-bans), and PikaRom. I think those are three very important decks that you need to worry about moving forward, but there are numerous others that will be played; Turbo Dark is making a comeback, Rayquaza is still as hard-hitting as ever and won the last Expanded Regionals that we had, Hitmonchan/Wobb is a huge threat to anything weak to Fighting or that is reliant on Abilities, Sableye/Garb is picking up some hype as the control deck of choice, the always consistent Night March, the tried and true Drampa/Garb that never seems to go away, and the newest addition to the list, (which just so happens to include the best card to have been printed in a long time) a Mewtwo & Mew-GX/Vileplume Item lock deck. This is such a vast and varied format so it becomes incredibly challenging to try and beat everything with one deck. The best way to go into an event is thinking that you want something that is consistent. If you never lose because of dead drawing then you've already given yourself a high chance to do well.

Personally, I am trying to stray away from Archie’s because of inevitable mirror matches. The match-up often depends on whoever gets off an Archie’s first. There are some more skillful plays that can be made in the match-up, but if one person gets out Archie’s and the other one does not, then, thanks to the addition of "Venom Shot" Naganadel-GX and Mewtwo & Mew-GX, it makes it really hard to ever come back. In other match-ups, if you do not get turn one Archie’s you still stand a chance but, in the mirror, if you whiff the turn one and they get it off it seems like an almost unwinnable match. That is why I am straying away from Archie’s and instead will try to counter the deck, while making sure my deck is also consistent. Over the next few weeks I will be writing about a lot of different decks that I am testing to try and get as many of them out in the open so that people can test with them as well.

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