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Super Rod Cast: Episode 18 Stale Standard Survival Guide + Giveaway!

This insanely long episode of Super Rod Cast includes your original Super Rod Cast lineup and Some1sPC's Russell LaParre. Russ and the Cast discuss...

Super Rod-Cast Episode 17.5: Interview with Michael Pramawat (London International Champion)

Super Rod-Cast: Episode 16.5 and 17

Super Rod-cast: Episode 16

Check out the one of the latest episodes from the Super Rod-cast where the cast goes over Team MonSTARS performance at Ft Wayne.

Darkness and Dragons : Darkrai EX/Giratina EX

Introduction This weekend in San Jose, California, I finally get to take a break from the Standard Format and play in an Expanded format Regionals....

Soaring into the Standard Meta: Pidgeot-EX

Introduction I originally planned this article to be a tournament report for Ft. Wayne Regionals, but seeing as how I got off to a terrible...

Super Rod Cast – Episode 15  

Standard Format Popularity Tier List – November 24th 2016

Written by Russell LaParre Introduction What up humans! I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving and are as excited to play this weekend as I am. In...

Buzzap! Raikou/Jolteon-EX/Electrode

Introduction With Ft.Wayne Regionals approaching, many players are looking at the tournament results from the past few weeks to create what they believe to be...