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I came back to talk a bit about the decks that I think are good choices for NAIC.

I’ve been thinking a lot about using Malamar with non-GX attackers similar to the list that Russell posted here a few weeks ago. Also, I am considering Zoroark GX / Lycanroc GX because I think it's a fairly consistent and a strong deck against almost the whole Metagame. It’s especially good against Necrozma GX / Malamar which has become a popular deck since several renowned players have achieved good results with it. The biggest fear I have with using Zoroark in some tournaments is facing a huge amount of Buzzwole but I think the match is very playable and the chances of winning are quite high. In this article, I will explain more about the deck and also publish a list for Zoroark GX / Golisopod GX because I know that Golisopod GX has more lovers than the version with Lycanroc GX. I’ve found the list with Golisopod GX that I am testing to have a very favorable matchup against Buzzwole GX which is currently the most used deck.



The Pokémon line is very similar to any Zoroark / Lycanroc deck. Since the release of “Forbidden Light” mill decks like Hoopa / Sylveon GX have greatly decreased in popularity so there’s no longer any need to include cards to tech against them specifically. At LAIC I was using a list similar to this one which featured Oranguru ULP, Sudowoodo, Counter Energy and two Mallow to make the combo way easier to pull off. This helped with a bunch of different matchups including the mirror match, Zoroark GX / Golisopod GX, VikaBulu and Dusk Mane GX. Many of these decks have decreased in popularity and have been replaced with Malamar and Buzzwole variants.

With space opened up from removing the Sudowoodo + Counter Energy I now have the deck space for things like the two copies of Acerola, Baby Buzzwole and three Fighting Energy.

Card Explanations

Buzzwole FLI

Everyone is already used to its first attack Sledgehammer that works well against most Zoroark decks. The second attack Swing Around is great in the late game as well. Especially against Zoroark / Lycanroc where Rockruff gets picked off quite quickly, preventing a Lycanroc or when you want to knockout Zoroark GX before they can use Acerola or Max Potion.

Buzzbaby can use Swing Around as long as you have an Energy attached to it which allows you to knockout a Zoroark / GX with the combo of Multiswitch + Energy + Choice Band which is not very difficult when you have two or three Zoroark GX on the field allowing you to draw extra cards every turn.

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