Collinsville Regionals is behind us now, and the inaugural BKT-UPR tournament has given us many points of conversation. Among them are what the top decks of the new format are, how powerful the decks coming out of UPR are, and what the best techs and counters for the new Metagame will be. Through this article and another to be released shortly, I’ll observe both the statistics of the event and the Top 8 decklists, drawing conclusions that will carry you to success throughout the coming months. Today’s article will focus on general observations of the format and statistics behind the event, and the next will analyze the decklists from Collinsville’s Top 8, discussing how to alter lists to achieve the greatest results moving forward.


Headed into the weekend, there was a great deal of uncertainty as to what new decks would be effective and to what extent the existing top decks would remain on their perch. With the weekend behind us, the results from Day 2 and the Top 8 of the event make a conclusion in this area quite clear; the new decks are largely unable to stand up to the existing powerhouses.

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