Hey Some1sPC readers! My name’s Andrew Zavala, and I’m back with some more crazy ideas that I think have potential in the Standard format. Today, I’ll talk a bit about my pet deck, Silvally, and how it has gotten substantially more cards to work with from Team Up, as well as a deck that I think can make a comeback after falling out of favor after the rotation. This deck can even make use of a super cool tech I’ve been trying out, Sigilyph-GX! So let’s get into it.

A deck that I’ve been wanting to be good in Standard for the longest time has definitely been Silvally. The card just has so much potential with its awesome Ability, its Attack that accelerates Energy, and its insane typing capability in the form of its wide assortment of Memories. Unfortunately, the biggest thing holding it back is its Weakness to Fighting, but now that Fighting has been on the decline (besides Lucario-GX and Lycanroc-GX in Zoroark decks), I feel like Silvally might finally have its time in the spotlight.

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