Some1sPC was created by Christopher Taporco, Dylan Bryan, Marc Albright, and Russell LaParre with the intention to provide quality competitive content for the Pokemon Trading Card Game. We’re a group of friends looking to better ourselves and the community by leveling up our deckbuilding, gameplay, and knowledge. Get to know us a little more below! (Going from left to right in the photo above):

Dylan Bryan
A  man with two first names.

Russell LaParre
I’m a long time TCG player from Yugioh, VS System, and now Pokemon. I’ve had a few accomplishments in all games, making over 10(lost count) Yugioh Regional top 8s, 1 YCS Top 8, and a Nationals top 32. I also won multiple LCQs and made a top 8 at the only 10k I attended for VS System TCG. I made the switch to Pokemon 3 years ago and since then have numerous City Championships wins/tops, multiple State Championships wins/tops, and 9 or more regional top 16s (only 1 top 8).  I put a lot of effort in my deckbuilding, videos, and writing, hoping to convey the best quality content available as most others just deliver average content in order to please their fans without giving out their true ideas.

Christopher Taporco
Hi Guys! My Name is Chris Taporco. I’ve been around the community for about two years now and I’ve been loving every minute of it! My accomplishments only amount to a single City’s win and multiple City’s tops. Also, I’ve performed decently well in most Regionals, placing in the Top 64 multiple times. I’ve lost out in the last round of Day 1 more times than I care to remember (A trait Marc and I share). So why am I here and why should you be listening to me?

Like most of you, I love this game and I put a lot of effort into becoming good at it. I feel that my results do not emphasize the body of work I’ve put in to understand the subtleties of this game. I’ve put in hours of testing and I’m constantly evaluating all potential deck ideas that come through the grape vine. I feel as though, many of you can relate to this and I want to represent that. I want to take a “Lunch Pail Mentality” to writing articles and demonstrate how real the grind is for the common player and how we never give up. Sound cheesy? I hope it does, because that’s just how I roll.

Marc Albright

Hello everybody my name is Marc Albright and I’m a brand new college student and Navy veteran. I also happen to be a Masters player from the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area and I’ve been playing the Pokémon TCG since the release of Boundaries Crossed. While I haven’t always had as much time to dedicate to Pokémon as I would have liked (Thanks Navy!) I have had some decent showings at tournaments. Some of my accomplishments include a Top 4 finish at Virginia States in 2016, four other Top 16 States finishes, as well as multiple Cities top cuts and wins. I’m still searching for my big break out performance at a larger tournament with my best finish to date coming at Virginia Regionals in 2016 where I finished 33rd just missing out on day 2. I’ve had several other close calls with top 32 landing in the top 64 a total of 4 other times (If you can’t tell I tend to ride the bubble a lot). I haven’t had as much time in the past to dedicate to Pokémon that I would have liked but now that I’m opening up a new chapter in my life I finally feel like I have the time required to put together a good run at a season. I like to think that I bring a fresh set of eyes to the game and I hope that by writing here it will help both me and you become better players. If you see me at a tournament I encourage you to come up and introduce yourself, I love meeting new people in the community it’s by far the best benefit of being involved in the Pokémon community.



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