Hello Some1PC readers! This is Israel back again with another article for you. It’s been awhile since my last article as I've been busy with work, school, girlfriend, and many other things that have kept stacking on me. But enough rambling about me busy, let’s talk Pokémon. In this article I will talk about my regional runs in St. Louis and Portland, and talk about a new deck that has caught my interest in the past few weeks.

Table of Contents

I.St. Louis Regionals
II.Portland Regionals
IV.Lycanroc List

St. Louis Regionals

The week before St. Louis, I wrote an article about Yveltal/Maxie’s and how confident I felt about the deck for the upcoming meta. It’s the deck that I have the most experience with, as well as the one I am most comfortable with, but after testing a couple games with Professor Kukui in the deck that I felt it was very underwhelming. So, I took it out for a Hex Maniac, and took out Computer Search for a Dowsing Machine. I chose Dowsing Machine because I knew stadium control was going to be very important in the new meta. So, when I arrived to St. Louis, I started testing against Chris Watkins for the Mega Gardevoir matchup; a deck that got a little hype before the tournament so I wanted to get a grasp of the matchup, rather than going in blind. After a couple games, I realized the matchup wasn’t as bad as it seemed, but it was still difficult due to the healing from Max Potion, coupled with their M-Gardevoir attacking for a single Fairy Energy, thanks to Dimension Valley. Russell was around as I was testing and suggested I should play a copy of Delinquent to make that matchup much more favorable for me, since we noticed that the stadium switch was hurting the Gardy player, and making them discard 3 useful resources from their hand can have a huge impact. So, I took that advice, and this is the list that I took to St. Louis:

St.Louis Yveltal

Pokemon (12)

  • 2 Yveltal EX
  • 2 Yveltal BKT
  • 2 Darkrai EX
  • 1 Sabeleye DEX
  • 1 Tauros GX
  • 1 Jirachi EX
  • 1 Gallade BKT
  • 1 Archeops NVI
  • 1 Shaymin EX

Trainers (28)

  • 3 Professor Sycamore
  • 2 N
  • 2 Lysandre
  • 1 Delinquent
  • 1 Maxie's Hidden Ball Trick
  • 1 AZ
  • 1 Ghetsis
  • 4 Ultra Ball
  • 4 Dark Patch
  • 4 VS Seeker
  • 3 Trainers' Mail
  • 3 Battle Compressor
  • 2 Fighting Fury Belt
  • 1 Dowsing Machine
  • 1 Float Stone
  • 1 Tool Scrapper
  • 2 Silent Lab
  • 1 Parallel City

Energy (11)

  • 7 Dark Energy
  • 4 Double Colorless Energy

Tournament Report

R1 Mirror/lasers WW

R2 Lunatis/eeveelutions LWT

R3 Umbreon/Espeon/Stuff WW

R4 Passimian/Raichu/leafeon WW

R5 Night March/Gallade WW

R6 Vesiquen/Flareon LWW

R7 Night March/Tauros GX WW

R8 Mega Ray WLL

R9 Rainbow Road ID

R10 Mega Gardy WW

R11 Aerodactyl/Maxie’s WW

R12 Toad/Decidueye WLL

R13 Mega Gardy LWT

R14 Trevanant WW

T8 Volcanion WLL

I lost in top 8 against my good buddy Rahul Reddy from The Chaos Gym. There was a lot of things I learned this weekend that carried on for future reference. One of the biggest things I learned that I like to share with everyone is never doubt yourself on a decision. In top 8 game 3, I was put into a do or die situation where if I don’t kill something this turn I will lose. The turn before that I Junk Hunt-ed for a VS Seeker and a Tool Scrapper, anticipating that if he whiffs, then I have two options to possibly move on to top 4. The problem was that I had to figure out which option was the correct one, and if I guessed wrong, I lost. One option was promoting Yveltal EX and hope for a DCE top deck to Lysandre a Starmie and win. The other one was to promote something, hope I get 4 more energies onto my Yveltal EX, then hit Float Stone to one shot a fresh Volcanion. This brings us to the 2nd thing I learned, always check what’s prized. I couldn't remember if I had seen a Float Stone in the deck, and it wasn’t in the discard pile. This ended up effecting my decision for that final play. I promoted Yveltal, whiffed the DCE, played Professor Sycamore, and hit everything I needed for the 2nd option-- except the Float Stone. I ended up losing to Rahul, giving me another top 8 finish and another regional that I came short of that elusive fifth win.

Portland Regionals

87 Regional rounds since my last Regional win (yes, I keep count of this) and I had been so close so many times, hitting top 8 at 4 out of the last 7 regionals I attended. I was hungry for that victory, and I would do whatever I could to prepare myself for the next regionals, in order to finally get that 5th victory. However, life took a swing, and I became so swamped with work and school that I didn’t get a chance to play-test what so ever. I was, however, theory-'Moning with Drew Allen about my list and we bounced some ideas back and forth. What we concluded was that Hex Maniac was needed in this list (it really wasn't) and Vileplume will show up (none made it to top 32). So, from those discussion, I switched Delinquent back to Hex Maniac and decided on my own that I wasn’t a big fan of Tauros GX. Tauros didn’t do much for me in St. Louis and the scenarios it would come in handy for are very rare, and can normally be played around with another attacker regardless. So, I dropped Tauros GX for another Yveltal EX.

My group and I left on Thursday night from Anaheim in order to get to Portland by 2 in the afternoon. My luck of course, that didn’t happen. We got to MT. Shasta around 8 in the morning, and I was talking to my buddy Fernando Hernandez about the view we are seeing and he mentions, “man I’m glad it isn’t snowing………. oh, spoke too soon.” We arrived to the city just as a snowstorm was passing by. In Southern California it doesn’t snow, so we weren’t prepared for this. We spent about 2-3 hours pushing the car out of the snow and attempting to put on snow chains. We eventually get out of the mountain and continued our wonderful drive. We made it to Portland around 7 at night and we were completely exhausted from the drive, so much so that no one wanted to play-test. I just sleeved up my deck, ate some chicken, drank some beer, and went to sleep.

R1 Vesiquen/Flareon WW

R2 Vesiquen/Flareon WLW

R3 Primal Groudon WW

R4 Mega Ray WW

R5 Night March/Tauros GX LWL

R6 Dark Dragons LWW

R7 Primal Groudon WLW

R8 Dark Dragons ID

R9 Primal Groudon ID

So, I ended the first day 6-1-2 at 6th seed, I was very happy that I made it through a tough first day (5 out of 9 opponents made it to day 2) and to have another shot to win my 5th regional. So, my group was trying to decided between multiple places to eat, and before we realized it, we went a whole lap around the block and ended up at Burgerville and ate some good burgers. I went back to the hotel to work on some homework for my Paralegal class, and then I attempted to sleep, but 1) My room was cold and 2) I was nervous about the next day of regionals. I woke up the morning a little bit under the weather due to the temperature in my room, but I put on some of my tunes to get me in the zone and walked to the convention center.

R10 Dark Dragons WW

R11 Mirror LWT

R12 Primal Groudon LL

R13 Dark Dragons LWW

R14 Turbo Dark WW

After winning my last round I almost got a warning for celebrating. I got too emotional and was stoked that I made it to top 8. I was one win away from getting an invite and 3 wins away from winning the entire thing and getting that 5th win. I relaxed outside while they were checking my deck, and after I was clear, top 8 was starting.

T8 Primal Groudon LWW

This series went all the way to time, each game taking about 30 min each, and each one went down to the wire. But in game 3, I hit a Ghetsis early where Travis Nunlist was dead drawing, and I got out a Parallel City before he was able to get a Mr.Mime on board. He killed my Yveltal BKT before it got out of hand and I followed up with an Evil Ball for revenge KO. Knowing time was getting close I started to knock out the small things and forget about the Groudon. As soon as I took my 4th prize and he promoted a Wobbuffet active, time was called. He N’s, and needed to hit an out to switch or else the game was over, he hit the escape rope and I promoted my Sableye to take a hit. I promoted an Yveltal EX and all I needed was an energy and I move on to top 4. I top decked the DCE, and I got my invite for this year’s worlds.

T4 Turbo Dark WW

I played against Sam Hough in R14 so I knew what was in his deck, and knew I had to be careful of Delinquent. It was a back and forth series where it went down to the wire in each game. Game 1 I took a risk and made an all-in play, where I left myself with a no hand for a fright night attack to take 2 prizes and if he couldn't respond next turn, I would win. He was digging through his deck with Trainers' Mail trying to hit AZ or a Fighting Fury Belt, but fortunately he missed both of them. Game 2 it was back and forth, but then he lost 3 Dark Patch to a Sycamore that he had to do, or else he was going to lose. But Sam being Sam, he didn’t make it easy and put me in a scenario where if I don’t top deck a Lysandre out he would win game 2. Luckily for me, I hit one of the 4 outs in a 7-card deck.

T2 Mirror

I played against Alex in R11 and we ended in a tie when we played, for a senior that recently aged up he wasn’t easy and I knew finals was going to be tough. Game 1 I lost 2 Dark Patch in the early turns, but my Yveltal BKT was putting a lot of pressure on his board. He wasn’t drawing too well to respond to my Yveltal and I manged to take an early 4 prize lead. He eventually kills my Yveltal BKT with his very own, but by that point I had gotten enough energies on board to respond with my Yveltal EX. I had everything in my hand for any scenario, so long as he didn't N me. He played Lysandre to bring up my Darkrai EX and used his Yveltal BKT's attack. I just dropped my Dowsing Machine and he scoops. Game 2, well it lasted 3 turns as I watched my Darkrai EX get smacked by an Yveltal EX. Game 3, we both got a bad start turn 1, I hit a Sycamore off the top deck and went all in to bench his Sableye, but whiff any energy. He gets another Pokémon and just passes. I finally get energy and kill his Sableye and get the first hit off on his Yveltal EX, before he hit Trainers' Mail into Computer Search. There was no strategy in this game, it was back and forth knockouts, responding to one another’s attacks. It went down to the wire where I got the first hit on his Yveltal EX with a Fighting Fury Belt, however, I decided to Y-Cyclone this turn. if I would have looked at his discard then I would have known that all 4 DCE were in the discard, and there was no way he could have killed my Yvetal EX. So now I needed another energy from the top deck to win this game. He uses Evil Ball, and now it’s up to my deck to just pull through for me one more time. I top deck energy, looked at the board for about 20 secs until I realized that I had enough to kill his Yveltal EX with my own Evil Ball.

Finally, 103 regional rounds later I finally won my 5th regional ever. This was a very emotional moment for me, since I really wanted this win and how close I had gotten over the year and half since my last victory. I am now at 590/500, and got 5000 dollars that’s going to help me with some bills that I needed to take care of. Utah regionals is still in the air for me but I will be at Seattle and Virginia. But that’s how my 2 tournaments went. Now, I bet you are completely done hearing about Expanded, so now let’s move on to Standard with a card that I am very interested in this format, which is Lycanroc GX!


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