We’ve received so much positive feedback about our articles and private messages from players with questions about how to improve their level of play that we have decided to start offering Some1sPC coaching!

There are many good players out there, but there are only a handful of great ones, and coaching is one way to get you started on the path to greatness. Our coaching sessions start at $30/hour, but with a $3 discount to all Elite PC Members, you’ll be getting more bang for your buck.

Before beginning any coaching session, we’d like the student and coach to discuss the manner of which they’d like to be coached (Skype, PTCGO testing, 1 on 1 playing, VOD reviews, etc.), session schedule, and the overall goals the student would like to improve on with coaching. Every student learns differently so we want to customize our coaching method to help you improve in the most effective way possible.


5x Worlds Invites (3x Day 2 – Main Event)
1st Anaheim Regionals
2nd San Jose Regionals
5th Utah Regionals
5x Top 4 at States


3x Regional Champ
1x Regional Finalist
2x Regional Top 4
3x Regional Top 8
2x State Finalist
2x Worlds Top 32 (2015,2016)
1x Worlds Top 16
1x US Nationals Top 16 (2016)
Top 4 Oceania Internationals (2017)
Top 16 US Internationals (2017)
10+ Cities/Cups Wins


1x Worlds top 8
2x Top 16 US Nationals
2x Regionals wins
1x States win Several
(20+) Regionals and States top 8s/top 4s/finals or better
8x Consecutive League Cup wins


1 Regionals Top 8
6 Regionals Top 16
10+ Regionals Top 32
Top 16 US Nationals 2014
Top 16 US Nationals 2015
1 States Win
2 States Top 4
1 States Top 8
10+ League Cup Wins


3 Cup wins and 1 top 4
Top 16 Daytona Regionals
Top 64 Ft. Wayne Regionals
Top 128 Dallas
2nd Kansas Regionals 2014
3rd St. Louis Regionals 2012
4th St. Louis Regionals 2016
2nd MO States 2012
top 8 MO States 2016
Top 32 US Nationals 2014 and 2016
top 32 Orlando Regionals 2016
10+ League Cups


Top 8 Regionals
9th Place Regionals
Top 64 Regionals
5x League Cup Wins

Bring your game to another level and schedule a session!