What's going on Some1sPC readers? I'm back again to bring you an article on a fairly hyped deck for the upcoming World Championships, Gardevoir GX. I understand a majority of our readers won't see much benefit from this article's decklist, matchups, and my meta-analysis for worlds so I wanted to start by giving a brief write-up on my anticipated rotation and how I would approach testing going into the first circuit of Regionals in September. Let's just jump into it!

Ushering in the Rotation

It's a weird time for the world of competitive Pokemon TCG. Players who are qualified for worlds are printing Burning Shadow Proxies and running through a slew of ideas to try and take home that sweet $25k. Players who didn't qualify are either debating if they'll return to play next year, go hard at their invite next season, or will continue to play just for their love of the game and see the World's invite as a cherry on top of this fun hobby. Assuming you want to get a head start on training for next season, I recommend testing new concepts from Burning Shadows under the assumption that we're competing in a format BKT-ON starting in September. Thankfully, we're losing a few cards that I think are currently toxic for the game namely VS Seeker and Forest of Giant Plants so I have incredibly high hopes for next year's format. As far as testing for next year's meta, I'd try to focus primarily on Alolan Ninetales, Metagross, Greninja, Gardevoir GX, and Darkrai EX, in no particular order.

Gardevoir GX

Now let's get into what I believe will be the deck to beat at World's 2017, Gardevoir GX. Gardevoir GX feels like a new, and more consistent, M Mewtwo EX deck that can also take on Garbodor GRI with ease. Let's breakdown Gardevoir GX and why it has such outstanding potential.

Gardevoir-GX – Fairy – HP230
Stage 2
Ability: Fountain of Secrets
Once during your turn (before you attack) you may attach 1 [Fairy] Energy from your hand to 1 of your Pokemon.

Right off the bat, we can highlight some key components that make Gardevoir a solid card. It's a stage 2, 230 HP Fairy Pokemon which is insanely tanky when compared with the current damage output of the format. The great thing about this huge HP Stage 2 Pokemon is that it’s only really threatened by its weakness, which only exists in this format in the form of Metagross GX. Since the threat of being OHKO’d is limited to really only one match up, we can take advantage of Gardevoir GX’s high HP in many ways such as retreating and forcing them to 2HKO it, removing damage with Pokemon Center Lady or Fairy Drop, or just having it sit on the bench and forcing them to Lysandre or Guzma it out twice to take a single KO.

Fountain of Secrets may seem like the best reason to play Gardevoir GX but it's basically a luxury on top of Gardevoir's already insane attack, Infinite Force. Note that Fountain of Secrets can attach a Fairy Energy from your hand to any Pokemon, Fairy type or not. This means you can use it to pump up Tapu Lele or Shaymin EX on your board to switch up your route of attacking.

[Fairy] Infinite Force: 30x damage. This attack does 30 damage times the amount of Energy attached to both Active Pokemon.

This ridiculous attack makes Gardevoir GX one of the contenders for Best Deck in Format. With M-Mewtwo EX we needed to have a Double Colorless Energy on it to attack or usually have a Psychic Energy then Mega Turbo to it, but Gardevoir just comes out swinging with a single Energy attachment. This attack can even come through a single Fountain of Secrets alone, so you can attach an Energy for the turn, play your supporter to get your Gardevoir pieces then evolve and Fountain of Secrets and attack. It's impressive to see the deck flow once you get 2 Gardevoir GX on board.

[Fairy] Twilight-GX: Search your discard pile for 10 cards, show them to your opponent, and shuffle them back into your deck. (You can only use one GX attack per game.)

There's not much to say about this attack besides it being an anti-Trashalanche. I haven't used it in many matchups or at all during testing outside of Garbodor matchups. The attack is incredibly good, but I just don't find the time to shuffle cards back when I'd rather be kicking down the opposing Pokemon with Infinite Force.

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